Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cops Bust Career Burglar In Southeast Lakeview

It looks like police may be making some headway in the neighborhood's 3-month-long burglary spree.

Henigan (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Officers responding to a garage burglar alarm in the 300 block of W. Barry shortly after midnight on Sunday allegedly found career criminal and six-time convicted burglar Nolen Henigan rummaging through the homeowner's Porsche.

A change purse that had been inside the Porsche was found in Henigan's pocket, police say, and an $800 Specialized brand Rockhopper bicycle that had been hanging on the garage wall was found in the alley.

Bail for 41-year-old Henigan is set at $75,000.

State records show that he was paroled on July 1 after serving half of a 12-year burglary sentence that he received in 2009. His previous sentences and convictions include 1 year for shoplifting in 2006; 9 years for burglary in 2002; 6 years for burglary in 1999; 7 years for burglary in 1995; another 7 years for burglary in 1995; 7 years for receiving or possessing a stolen vehicle in 1992; and 4 years for burglary in 1989.

Felon On Ice

Ortiz (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
CWBChicago has learned more about Jose A. Ortiz, the 56-year-old, ten-times-convicted burglar who was arrested Monday after a Lakeview man chased him onto the ice at Belmont Harbor after allegedly seeing Ortiz attempt to break into an apartment.

It turns out that police had been looking for Ortiz since they discovered that he apparently sold goods stolen from an Irving Park burglary to an area pawn shop.

Police say Ortiz suffered a broken rib during his attempt to get away from the witness who chased him down. He's facing criminal damage to property charges in that case.

A judge ordered Ortiz held without bail on Wednesday.

More Reports

The latest batch of burglaries reported in our neighborhood include:

  • January 20, 1200 W. Fletcher, unlawful entry
  • January 21, 800 W. Newport. Neighbor found victim’s front door kicked in.
  • January 23, 800 W. Newport, unlawful entry
  • January 23, 3800 N. Fremont, unlawful entry
  • January 23, 800 W. Grace, unlawful entry
  • January 23, 500 W. Melrose, forcible entry
  • January 24, 800 W. Buckingham, unlawful entry.
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  1. I'd like to know the name of the witness who bravely chased this criminal down -- across the frozen harbor. Would like to buy him a beer or two.

  2. Great news, two pros like these guys represents hundreds of crimes before they get caught.

    Reminds me, I am happy to let the police use my garage anytime they want to set up a Trojan horse sting. Leave garage door open and a bag of goodies in the back and I doubt the police will have to wait very long.

    1. Great idea but these guys are so undermanned they don't have time to respond to calls much less conduct a sting.

  3. Ortiz should have fallen through the ice.

    1. He does seriously look like he's been pickled, or laid out at the morgue, or ... something. Can't put my finger on it (not that I'd want to ...)

  4. When in court, the public defender will say how "family" men they are, and how many children they have, and they grew up in abusive childhood, they have rough times, etc. Gotta love USA and crooked Cook (Crooked) County court! Excuses for everyone's criminal heinous behavior. Personal responsibility and ownership does not exist anywhere in Chicago with the exception of most of the readers on this blog.

  5. FYI when your on a late car you don't leave with the early cars.
    You are not fooling anyone, and only screwing everyone else on the late cars.
    This needs to stop.

  6. I came on the job in 1965 and it was going on then. 55 years later and no one figured that one out ? ? ?

  7. Yes so true, and if not that taking off every other Saturday in January so far.
    To all us others that come to work and do our jobs, be safe always