Thursday, December 03, 2015

STICKY FINGERS: A Gallery Of Videos & Pix Of Alleged Burglars & Thieves From Neighbors & Cops

While there have been a handful of local burglary arrests over the past week, reports of home break-ins continue. And, based on the number of police reports being filed and surveillance images being sent our way, there are many more prowlers still on the loose.

Here's a gallery of videos and images that we've received over the past couple of weeks.

Boystown Boogieman

Scott Montgomery sent these videos of a man who was poking around his building near Roscoe and Elaine Place in Boystown at 1:15AM today.  Just to make sure that Scott's surveillance system got a good photo of his face, the guy came back around 5:30AM.

In the videos, he appears to be a white guy in his late-20's or 30's, maybe a little heavy-set, with a red or brown beard. This morning, he was wearing black clothing, a black ski cap, and a backpack.

Video 1   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4

Lincoln Park Losers

Chicago police yesterday issued a burglary alert for nearby Lincoln Park that contains an image of two suspects and we've obtained a few additional photos of the duo to share here. The larger, older-appearing suspect may have a tattoo on the left side of his neck.

Pine Grove Pinhead

According to information circulated by a high-rise building near Pine Grove and Sheridan, this gentleman is one of two individuals who accessed the complex at 4:30AM on November 19 to steal packages from the residences and tires from vehicles in the attached parking garage.

Southport Schmuck

Finally, our friends at Southport Corridor News & Events shared this video of an alleged package thief near Racine and Eddy.

He appears to be a white male in his late teens or early 20's with a light beard. Of course, he has the requisite bulging backpack.

The video is here.

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  1. The package thief kid actually can frequently be seen hanging out in the popular doorway between cell block and Salsita. Actually saw him
    getting arrested right there with some friends a while back for what appeared to be drug paraphernalia.

  2. I came home today at 3:20pm to find a large FedEx box and a medium sized UPS box on my front porch.... sitting right in plain direct sight of the sidewalk and street. Part of this problem, making it so easy for thugs and thieves to steal stuff (excuse me, pick up "lost or mislaid property") whether people are home or away is when the delivery drivers just dump stuff on the porch. These items happened to be gifts, and I had no control over those being sent to my home, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use a service such as a UPS store or a FedEx place to receive packages. One UPS delivery guy in particular along Halsted between Waveland and Belmont is notorious for this. He doesn't even bother to ring a doorbell. Right now, on my way in from work, I saw three large UPS boxes sitting in someone's fucking driveway,on _____ Street. I hope the packages are still there when those folks get home from work.

  3. If you're friendly with a local business, sometimes they're okay with you having stuff mailed to them. I have all my packages mailed to an antique store in my building.

  4. It's a job. Drivers don't care who picks up the packages. The only thing they say is " I delivered it. What happens after that - I have no control over = I don't care.

    1. Absolutely true. Once they scan the tracking barcode, they're done.

  5. I live on a street on which almost all the buildings and houses have iron gates. The UPS and FedEx drivers toss the packages over the gates and drive off. I've seen packages sitting in puddles of water soaking wet. Typical Chicago style service. Can't wait to move.

  6. The Boystown Boogieman in the first picture did a walk through of my restaurant 7pm Friday probably casing the place. Still wearing the exact same clothing and carrying the backpack. I called it in and CPD went looking for him.
    Clark/Oakdale area