Thursday, November 12, 2015

QUESTIONABLE: Oh, OK, You Can Ask Us Questions About Crime, Community Policing Sergeant Says

19th district community policing (CAPS) Sgt. Jason Clark this week walked back his recent statement that citizens would no longer be allowed to ask questions about specific crime incidents at local beat meetings. That's according to a new story from DNAInfo Chicago reporter Ariel Cheung.

Regarding the "no questions" policy that was reported independently by DNAInfo and CWB Chicago last week, Clark said, "I thought it was odd, and supposedly it came from me," Cheung tweeted on Tuesday.

We wonder if the sergeant remembers telling the story about how UPS once left a "bulletproof vest" on his front porch in a not-so-subtle box. "They were supposed to get a signature," he said.

Now that was odd.
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  1. Nice back pedalling Clark. Know you want to keep your special inside job till retirement but this isn't the way to do it . Are you sure 6 meetings a year isn't too much for you and your cohorts or perhaps we just need 2, one around Christmas for you to wear a Santa hat and another in July for you to make some stickers for a bicycle to prevent theft. After all we want you to be comfortable and not exert yourself too much. But Im positive youll say hard and busy it is to do you're caps meetings. And if that is the case I'm sure there are bountiful cops and sergeants willing to step to the plate who will do it and more and with a enthusiastic smile Let's call a spade A spade

  2. Horse hockey, Jason!

  3. Goodness. let's clear out that CAPS office and put them all back on the street. Oh, they may have to go back to the academy for re-training on how to be the police - like how to turn the blue lights on when responding to an in progress call . . . .

  4. A few sergeants who just got put on midnights would love that day spot with weekends off.

    1. Doesn't work like that, he would get day bid due to to time on job/as Sgt. Or work whenever he wants.