Thursday, November 12, 2015

QUESTIONABLE: Oh, OK, You Can Ask Us Questions About Crime, Community Policing Sergeant Says

19th district community policing (CAPS) Sgt. Jason Clark this week walked back his recent statement that citizens would no longer be allowed to ask questions about specific crime incidents at local beat meetings. That's according to a new story from DNAInfo Chicago reporter Ariel Cheung.

Regarding the "no questions" policy that was reported independently by DNAInfo and CWB Chicago last week, Clark said, "I thought it was odd, and supposedly it came from me," Cheung tweeted on Tuesday.

We wonder if the sergeant remembers telling the story about how UPS once left a "bulletproof vest" on his front porch in a not-so-subtle box. "They were supposed to get a signature," he said.

Now that was odd.
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