Monday, November 16, 2015

NOT OK: Tourist Among Weekend Robbery Victims

A visitor from Oklahoma fell victim to an old fashioned Wrigleyville mugging early Sunday.

The man flagged down a passing patrol car after he was strong arm robbed of his wallet and phone near Clark and Waveland at 3:15AM. Two offenders fled the scene northbound in a black 4-door Prius, the victim said.

Both offenders were described as black men. One had dreadlocks and wore a beanie.

Dope Duped

Also Sunday morning, a rather forthright victim told police that he had his debit card stolen by two drug dealers near Halsted and Aldine in Boystown.

According to the victim, he got into a silver or white SUV to buy some drugs around 1:30AM. Once inside the men's car, things took a unexpected turn, and the man found himself handing over his debit card to the dealers before he jumped out of the SUV.

The vehicle was last seen heading eastbound on Aldine from Halsted.

Chicago Style

A Pizano's Pizza delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint behind the local chain's Lincoln Park location shortly after midnight on Saturday, November 14.

The driver told police that a black man in dark clothing produced a black semi-automatic pistol and took his cash near the store, which is located in the 2400 block of N. Lincoln Ave.

The offender was last seen jumping into a white pickup truck that turned west on Altgeld Street, the victim said.


And, finally, new info released by the city this morning confirms a robbery report from last week that we had been unable to independently verify.

Three people were robbed at gunpoint in a single incident near Waveland and Pine Grove around 12:20 last Monday morning, according to the now-confirmed report.

The victims reported that three men produced handguns and took their valuables before fleeing northbound.

The offenders were all described as black men between 18- and 23-years-old. One of the men stood about 5'7" tall and carried a brown messenger bag.

A witness reported seeing a black Chevy Traverse speed away from the area moments after the robbery, police said.
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  1. Dammit!
    HEY MR SOCIAL WORK!! Where the hell are you? Dammit Jimmy Cappleman.
    Another armed robbery in the Pine Grove / Waveland area. This time three people. There's a 24 hour FFC gym only feet away!
    Truly Mr Social Work, you are worse....right ....worse than Tom Tunney.
    Please CWB shine some light on this loser.
    Zero leadership. Zero effort. (And shockingly) zero effect on the number one issue in our area.

  2. Have you heard about this?

    1. Yup. The police report was "accidental injury on the public way" from the start.

    2. Wow!! So, did someone purposefully and actively deceive and defraud people on a GoFundMe page? It has surpassed $8500 at the moment.
      The page says, "Luckily there were witnesses to report the incident and police were dispatched to the scene for a "battery in progress". So, this is this false?? Did the police show up on the scene?
      I was wondering why this was not on your blog...

    3. "I was wondering why this was not on your blog."

      Now you know.

    4. His injuries sound pretty serious, inconsistent with a fall. If it turns out it wasn't a scam, this poor guy is not only traumatized but smeared. I have enough doubt about the way crimes are reported to leave open the possibility that he was beaten.

    5. I tried sharing the dnainfo article on the gofundme page (which has now received almost $12,000) and it was deleted. It appears their allegedly fraudulent collection scheme continues unhindered.

    6. "His injuries sound pretty serious"

      Slamming your mouth into a curb is not the gentle experience that some people apparently believe it to be. Not recommended.

  3. Thanks to the Blog, and only this Blog, this tourist's last visit was 2013, and not out after 7pm in the summer.
    I may be alive and uninjured today because of it.

  4. Care for some Swedish pancakes ? Stop off at my restaurant on Belmont. It will ease the pain.

  5. Pine Grove and very careful if you walk past the New York building late after the gym and convenience store have closed. The entrance area that's set off the street behind square pillars can be occupied by some very unsavory characters. You can't see who's lurking there until you get right up to it.

    1. I agree.
      There have been a few incidents in that area - street robberies, etc. But of course 'Crime is Down', right?
      It's a real comfort to see that Mr Social Work is leading the campaign to make things safe...(not!).