Thursday, November 05, 2015

MINK STOLE(N): Woman Robbed At Gunpoint In Boystown

A woman was robbed at gunpoint of her mink coat by two men in Boystown late last night, police said. No one was injured and no one is in custody.

The victim was near Broadway and Buckingham around 11:15PM when two men approached her and one produced a black semi-automatic handgun. Both men fled southbound on Broadway with the woman's fur, according to the police report.

One offender is described as a Hispanic man, about 5'7" tall, with slicked-back hair. He has a large scar on the left side of his face. The victim was unable to provide a description of the second offender other than to say that he was Hispanic.

Image: Google
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  1. It was about 68 degrees last night at that time. Was this woman really wearing a fur? Just saying.

    1. LOL I believe it. Some people have been wearing heavy, winter jackets in this near 70 degree weather. Like they are dressing for what they think the temperature should be in November, not the actual temperature. At a crosswalk you'll have a guy in a shirt and shorts and right next to him another guy in a puffy northface jacket. LOL

    2. Good point.

  2. How was the police response? Swift?

  3. Chicago police make the arrests when it counts. You guys like to whine about how long it takes to come out for a burglary report. Did it ever occur to you condo owners that IN PROGRESS calls get priority? Next time you see a officer in Starbucks buy them a coffee and really talk to them.

  4. Chicago is a third world cess pool--come to think of it, so is most of the US today.