Thursday, November 12, 2015

A SNAIL'S PACE: Months Later, Alderman Responds To Local Man's Letters About Crime

It took two months, but Boystown resident Ted Rosinus has finally received a response to a letter he sent to local alderman Tom Tunney on September 10th. The respectful letter asked questions about the alderman's handling of crime and policing issues in the 44th ward.

After not receiving an answer to his first letter, Rosinus hand-delivered a follow-up note that was co-signed by 333 others via an online petition that has since garnered a total of 498 signatures.

Ted is now hoping to revive the Belmont Harbor Neighbors community group, which dissolved in 2014.  He may be contacted via Twitter or email.

In an update on the petition page this week, Ted wrote:
I had a very productive meeting with Alderman Tunney and [staff members]. The meeting lasted more than one hour and believe me when I tell you, I was "one tough (but fair) customer." I thought the meeting was productive and in my estimation the Alderman's office is taking the issue seriously. 
I informed the Alderman that I will continue to monitor and track the progress on two main initiatives: 1) CPD staffing in our Ward; and 2) crime in our Ward. I made it clear to the Alderman that deterioration in either area would beget another letter. 
At the end of our meeting I requested that the Alderman write a formal response to all of us who signed our letters. Simply put, a closed door meeting wasn't going to cut it. After all, almost 500 of you took the time to share your concerns and sign these letters with me. 
Please understand that [the alderman's] letter doesn't answer all of our questions or concerns, but it's a start. I will continue to remain involved and I hope that you join me.
Here is the alderman's letter. We'll let it letter speak for itself. Though, we do find it ironic that he largely blames the slow response on understaffing.  Click the images to enlarge:

Image: Snail Mail via Country Fragrance
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  1. It's my understanding at the revived Belmont Harbor Neighbors Group had its first meeting at Merlo library last night.

  2. LOL!!! A politician's typical bullshit response letter. And nobody is THAT busy, that a response couldn't be made sooner than two months. I can't stand this lying moron. We as citizens and taxpayers of Ward 44 need to start identifying, grooming, and preparing a couple of solid viable candidates for the office of alderman. NOW. Not two or three years from now. NOW.

  3. Can CWB or some other source who understands how police staffing works explain whether we'll actually see additional officers, or if this is some numbers game that nets us zero officers but works out somehow on a spreadsheet? And did i read the letter correctly where it said custodians would be on the streets as officers? I don't believe that letter at all given the source and would like some expert weigh-in. Thanks as always, CWB.

    1. The only expert that will know is time.

      Just today, it was announced that our district is losing 2 officers who are getting promoted to sergeant.

      You can count on us to continue to accurately track the number of officers in our district in the months and year ahead.

    2. You read it incorrectly -- property custodians aren't janitors. They inventory and oversee property that is taken from individuals taken into custody.

      The way HQ will keep #s up is to not have a large # of recognized vacancies in other attractive (non-ghetto, north side) districts. The bid process is in our contract and we move for personal reasons usually. Tunney cutting the deal to get 10% of the officers being moved from inside jobs, should lend some stability as lots of those cops won't have enough seniority to bid out. But time will tell.

  4. How are we supposed to ask questions to the police about crimes/ patterns when we are not allowed to speak and ask questions about specific incidents at the CAPS meetings?

    1. That's a crock of steaming crap. I, and any other citizens, should continue to ask questions. It will speak volumes on the part of Clark, Tunneys, et al, if they publicly try to squelch down the questions. This is the kind of thing that truly pisses off constituents- being told what to say, what not to say, when to say it, when not to say it. Screw that.

    2. Vote for people that will let you ask them questions.

  5. In regards to staffing it seems like a shell game.

  6. The simple truth is this: IF any of the three stooges really cared about our safety THEY'd have been vocal, active and LEADING things here.
    It makes no difference what anybody says - it's what they do!
    The only shame here is that Mr Social Work, Jim Cappleman, and Michelle 'Do Nothing' Smith haven't gotten an equal lashing for their inaction. Both richly deserve it.

  7. The arrogance and self-aggrandizement of this "alderman" is nothing less than appalling.