Sunday, October 04, 2015

THE MUGGINGS CONTINUE: Cool Weather Has Little Effect As 2 More Report Being Robbed This Weekend

A Boystown man reported being robbed at knifepoint near Belmont and Broadway around 2:30 Sunday morning. No suspects are in custody.

The victim told police that two black men approached him, produced a knife, and took his ATM card. One offender was heavy set. The other wore a hat and had a "normal build."

The Return Of Mugglyville 

Another victim told police that he was robbed around 2:20AM on Saturday in the 1100 block of W Addison—about a block from Wrigley Field.

That victim told police that two black men physically assaulted him and took his iPhone, wallet, and debit card.

One of his attackers stood about 5-feet, 6-inches tall and wore a red shirt with khaki shorts.

The other was about 5-feet, 8-inches tall and he wore a black shirt with camouflage shorts or pants.

About 30 minutes before the man was robbed on Addison, a passer-by reported that a robbery victim approached him for help near Waveland and Seminary, adjacent to Wrigley Field. The caller was able to pursue two offenders for a short distance before losing them. Both offenders were described only as black men.

Police were unable to find the victim and no report was immediately filed.

Image: "Punch in the FACE" by StevieT7867
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  1. the few cops we have are useless with McCarthy in charge

  2. Any game day there are 200 cops on Addison...where do they go to after that?

    1. I walked down North Michigan avenue tonight around 5pm and there were tons of cops. I don't think there is any special event going on tonight. I think it's just that the major know he has to have very very large number of cops to control the thugs attracted to the area. That leaves the neighborhoods grossly understaffed.

    2. Good guess CWB because that is where they were around 2:45pm on Monday. I was in a taxi from LSD to the river along Michigan AVe at every intersection there were no less than 3. uniformed cops. As we passed each intersection, I could not help notice that in every instance the cops were all on the same corner of the intersections and actively engaged with only each other and /or focused on their smartphones.

    3. what is that show of force about? I work a block from the Apple store and it's become an almost daily cop hang-out. every two blocks there are 2-3 cops just smiling and chatting.