Friday, October 23, 2015

TEAM PHOTO: Gallery Of Cubs Post-Season Arrestees

The following arrests were made in the vicinity of Wrigley Field around the time of the Cubs 2015 playoff games, according to the Chicago Police Department.

A total of 36 individuals were charged over the course of nine post-season games. The most serious charge? Reckless discharge of  a firearm.

All individuals are presumed innocent. Charges are merely accusations.

Mets at Cubs, October 21, 7:07PM - Cubs are eliminated

Above, Left to Right:
Morris Banks, 50, of the Oakland neighborhood.
Arrested 5:19PM October 21 at 1009 W Addison
Charge: Theft

Jermie N. Turner, 29, of Wicker Park
Arrested 7:36PM October 21 at 3400 N Racine
Charge: Drinking alcohol on the public way

Darnell Thompson, 28, of Lincoln Park
Arrested 11:22PM October 22 at 3550 N Sheffield
Charge: Cannabis 2.5 to 10 grams

Derek L O'Connor, 23, of Bourbonnais, IL
Arrested 12:30AM October 22 at 3620 N Clark
Charge: Criminal trespassing

Mets at Cubs, October 20, 7:07PM - Cubs lose, trail NLCS 0-3

Above, Left to Right:
Keith M. Moore, 41, of the Douglas neighborhood.
Arrested 5:48PM October 20 at 3620 N Clark
Charge: Simple battery

Michael A. Jones, 49, of Palatine, IL
Arrested 9:15PM October 20 at 1060 W Addison
Charge: Criminal trespassing

Patrick E. Pinkerton, 40, of Lincoln Park
Arrested 9:40PM October 20 at 1060 W Addison
Charge: Simple battery

Michael C. Rojek, 19, of Old Town
Arrested 12:05AM October 21 at 940 W Addison
Charge: Reckless conduct

Cubs at Mets, October 18, 7:07PM - Cubs lose, trail NLCS 0-2


Cubs at Mets, October 17, 7:07PM - Cubs lose, trail NLCS 0-1

Daniel S. Collins, 21, of Clearing, IL.
Arrested 11:27PM  October 17 at 34XX N Clark.
Charge: Simple battery.

Cardinals at Cubs, October 13, 3:37PM - Cubs win to claim division title

Above, Left to Right:
Rakeem Oliphant-Guerrier, 20, of Rogers Park.
Arrested 3:54PM October 13 at 7XX W. Waveland.
Charges: Theft

Vincent Carlton, 52, of the New City neighborhood.
Arrested 1:30PM October 13 at 1111 W. Addison.
Charges: Unlawful sale of admission tickets and selling tickets near amusement park

Juan Aguero, 25, of Chicago Heights, IL
Arrested: 10:31PM October 13 at 37XX N. Clark.
Charge: Retail theft

Left: Joseph Barney, 43, of the Grand Boulevard neighborhood.
Arrested 11:25PM October 13 at 34XX N. Clark. Charges: Battery and aggravated assault of a police officer

Right: Hoytuan Pierce, 31, of Dolton, IL. Arrested 11:33PM October 13 at 34XX N. Clark. Charges: Reckless discharge of a firearm, armed habitual criminal.

Cardinals at Cubs, October 12, 5:07PM - Cubs win to lead NLDS 2-1

Above, Left to Right:
Vernon J. Scott, 44, of West Pullman.
Arrested 2:42PM October 12 at 1060 W. Addison. 
Charges: Aggravated battery/Peace officer and simple battery

Katie Stoever, 30, of Royal Oak, MI.
Arrested 8:50PM October 12, at 1010 W. Addison.
Charges: Drinking alcohol on the public way and resisting police or aiding escape

Peter J. Pona, 41, of Lakeview.
Arrested 9PM October 12, at 1060 W. Addison. 
Charges: Aggravated battery/Victim 60+ and simple battery.

Above, Left to Right:
Shane D. Acree, 23, city unknown.
Arrested 9PM October 12,  at 1060 W. Addison
Charge:  Simple battery

Ron G. Engel, 25, of Effingham, IL.
Arrested 9PM October 12, at 1060 W. Addison
Charge:  Simple battery

Manuel M. Galvan, 38, of Alsip, IL.
Arrested 9:35PM October 12, at 1050 W. Addison
Charge: Simple battery

Above, Left to Right:
Patrick M. Enderle, 26, of Roscoe, IL.
Arrested 10:26PM October 12, at 1059 W. Addison
Charge: Simple battery

Jovanni Pagan, 19, of Logan Square.
Arrested 10:42PM October 12, at 3500 N. Clark.
Charge: Drinking alcohol on the public way.

Ian Moore, 26, city unknown.
Arrested 11:08PM October 12, at 9XX W. Newport
Charges: Urinating or defecating on the public way and possessing 2.5 to 10 grams of cannabis

Left: Darnell Thompson, 28, of Lincoln Park.
Arrested 12:38AM October 13 at 35XX N. Clark
Charge: Cannabis possession 10 to 30 grams

Cubs At Cardinals, October 10, 4:37PM - Cubs win, tying NLDS 1-1

Left: Ricky E. Clark, 21, of Skokie. Arrested 12:35AM October 11, at 9XX W. Newport
Charge: Theft $500-$9999

Right: Jeffrey M. Andre, 27, of Lockport, IL. Arrested 4:25AM October 11, at 3518 N. Clark.
Charge: Simple battery

Cubs At Cardinals, October 9, 5:45PM - Cubs lose, trail NLDS 0-1

Left: Andrew Danan, 37, of Elk Grove Village, IL. Arrested 10:10PM October 9, at 3506 N. Clark.
Charges: 2 counts of simple battery.

Right: Patrick Mitera, 23, city unknown. Arrested 12:20AM October 10, at 3505 N. Clark.
Charge: Simple assault

Cubs At Pirates, October 7, 7:08PM - Cubs win to claim NL Wild Card

Above, Left to Right:
Hector Zuniga, 25, of Cicero, IL.
Arrested 9:52PM October 7, at 1100 W. Eddy
Charges: Resisting/obstructing and battery

Ulysses Vazquez, 26, of Irving Park.
Arrested 11:30PM October 7, at 3551 N. Clark
Charges: Simple battery and possessing less than 2.5 grams of cannabis

Crosby Wiemahn, 19, of North Lawndale.
Arrested 11:20PM October 7, at 36XX N. Sheffield. Charge: Reckless conduct

Above, Left to Right:
Caleb Porter, 21, of South Chicago.
Arrested 10:20PM October 7, at 36XX N. Sheffield.
Charges: Reckless conduct and resisting police or aiding escape

Juan Canales, 24, of Lakeview.
Arrested 11:22PM October 7, at 37XX N. Kenmore
Charges: Reckless conduct and disorderly conduct/failure to obey police

Brandon Paopao, 19, of Lakeview.
Arrested 11:35PM October 7, at 11XX W. Addison
Charge: Simple battery.

Left: Nicolas Sorrento, 20, of Lakeview. Arrested 11:35PM October 7, at 3550 N. Clark. Charge:Retail theft under $300

Right: Ian Hansen, 21, of Lakeview. Arrested 12:05AM October 8, at 34XX N. Sheffield. Charges: 2 counts of obstructing police or firefighters and 2 counts of aggravated assault

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  1. "Jovanni Pagan" - Hey, with a name like that, I'd have a smile on my face too.

  2. It's like a high school year book!

    1. You must have graduated from Fugly High.

    2. Geesh...after viewing these photos, I feel compelled to take a shower.

    3. like a year book, except someone drew black eyes and contusions on 1/2 the pictures with a sharpie!

    4. High school year book lol lol lol lol

  3. I'm sure that was a lot of work and thank you all for a job very well done.

  4. Pillars of society lol.

  5. Not one of these shitbirds escaped or got away with anything, the skill and professionalism of the Police is evident.

  6. I didn't see too many 30 yr old management consultants in that motley bunch. There's a reason I watched the game in East Lakeview at a great local pub and not 3 blocks closer near the Field.

  7. Ricky Clark is a regular iPhone or purse snatcher, remember what he looks like

    1. I recognize Ricky Clark too. He is always lurking around the neighborhood. Very easy to spot...he has the eyes of Satan.

    2. I've seen him too, he likes to hang out by Belmont and Broadway.

    3. Ha, He frequents Peets at Halsted and Cornelia AND the big morning manager there gives him free stuff on occasion. Unreal.

    4. Thanks for the tip on Ricky Clark. I went back to look at his picture so I can remember the local thief. Sad how that's become normal. He does look a bit familiar. Either I've seen him around or maybe he's been on this blog before? Wouldn't be a surprise.

  8. Sort of like if Night of the Living Dead were cast with urban zombies.

  9. Royal Oak, Michigan. Did she hitchhike here? Did she move here and forget to change her address on her I.D.?

  10. One of them is the Sales Director at Procurement Solutions at Xchanging (Chicago), an Information Technology and Services company

  11. Beanpole MegawattOct 23, 2015, 11:55:00 AM

    Ronnie Woo-Woo should have at least been given a warning for not washing his uniform all season. Saw him the other day walking down Clark and that uniform was criminally filthy.

    1. Let me guess, in Uptown, right? I've seen him as well. Please don't tell me that's his only uniform....

    2. Im glad someone else noticed. His uniform is generally filthy. But the young girls seem to like it.

  12. On Tuesday night I was waiting to cross Clark at Addison right before the game started. Here comes this babe on a bike, riding the wrong way on Clark (of course) cuts right around a police officer on horseback, spooking the horse and nearly hitting it. She should have been arrested.

  13. Thank you .. God bless you for your hard work and time keeping us informed!