Tuesday, October 06, 2015

SAY WHAT? Man Goes Free After Robbery Charges Are Thrown Out (It's The 2nd Time This Has Happened For Him)

Lightning has struck twice for a man who was accused of robbing a victim in North Center last Sunday.

Charges against Kameron D. Alston were thrown out yesterday by Cook County Judge Marvin Luckman, who ruled that there was no probable cause for the case to continue.

It's the second time that robbery charges against Alston have been dropped by a Cook County judge since 2010.

A 52-year-old North Center man told police that Alston punched him repeatedly in the face and head and then took items from the victim's pockets after the man fell to the ground.

Witnesses also reported that a woman in a Nissan Rogue appeared to be waiting to drive Alston away, but the woman left without Alston, allowing him to be arrested.

Arresting officers said Alston identified the vehicle and told them that the driver was a Hispanic woman named "Amber."

In April 2010, Alston was charged with committing a strong arm robbery in the 3300 block of W Bloomingdale in Logan Square. Those charges were later thrown out by a judge who said there was no probable cause.

CWB Chicago editors have monitored nearly 100 robbery cases from our area in recent years. More than  97% of the cases have ended with guilty pleas.
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  1. Thanks Judge... "due process", what the hell is he talking about. You jerk, witnesses, a victim, police come and arrest the guy and no "due process" . Sound fishy to me.

    1. If I remember correctly Luckman has been responsible for several questionable rulings that I have read about on CWB. Please vote no to Luckman next election. According yo SCC, for every no vote he would need two yes votes to stay in.

  2. It's getting close to election time. How about a "score card" of the judges that are up for retention this cycle? We would like to know who to vote for (or NOT vote for).

  3. 3rd Time's a Charm?

  4. None of this ends until people actually start voting out judges and maybe, just maybe, have the temerity to hold their noses and vote for judges in the R column. Ah, what am I saying, this is Chicago. It'll never happen.

  5. Do political work for Mike Madigan and you too can be a judge, competence not necessary!

  6. Have had many cases before Luckman as a police officer. He would determine no probable cause and then say to the officer: I believe your testimony officer. Luckman is in his eighties and prior to that was the counsel for the CTA. A lifetime of of being hooked up to the Democratic Machine. After being charged with a second robbery the State's Attorney office should have gone to the grand jury for a direct indictment instead of taking a chance of losing the case in Branch 42