Tuesday, October 06, 2015

ROUGH: Retired Cop Mugged As She Parks In North Center; Second Woman Attacked Nearby

A retired police officer was attacked and robbed of her purse as she parked behind her North Center home Monday night. Another woman was pushed to the ground and robbed of her purse in the same area earlier in the day. No one is in custody.

Multiple 911 callers reported a woman screaming for help in the 1800 block of W Cornelia around 10:30PM Monday after the retired cop was jumped, physically attacked, and robbed of her Coach purse. The victim was treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center for her injuries.

One witness engaged the offender in a foot pursuit, but lost the man as he turned onto the 1800 block of W Newport.

The offender is described as a black man in his late teens who wore a turban or Rasta-style hat. He's about 5-feet, 10-inches tall and has a skinny build.

Officers who searched the area found a live cell phone which they believe may belong to the offender.

Earlier on Monday, a woman reported that she had been pushed to the ground and robbed of her purse near Belmont and Wolcott, about 4 blocks from the Cornelia attack.

She described her attacker as a Hispanic man in his early 20's who wore a black hoodie and dark pants. He stood about 5-feet, 8-inches tall and was last seen running southbound on Wolcott.

An ambulance crew treated the woman, whose knees were "beat up pretty good" in the 12:45AM incident.

Image: Examples of Rasta hats from Google
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  1. North Center? Sounds like Roscoe Village, according to the addresses.

    1. Take a moment to learn the difference between Community Areas, which are strictly defined, and neighborhoods, which are not strictly defined. It is possible to be in Roscoe Village (not strictly defined) and North Center (strictly defined) at the same time.


    2. I live in this block. It's Roscoe Village.

    3. Thank you, Phil. Again, and this will be our last comment on this, please learn the difference between neighborhoods and community areas in Chicago.

  2. Seems they are moving west...interesting. Fearless. Unfortunate she wasn't still packing, might be nice to drop one of these criminals for a change.

  3. and with the number of cops down 25% the last couple years this will only continue to get worse! We should show more compassion to all the robbers as all of them I'm sure are just about to turn around their lives.

  4. What time was the Belmont/Wolcott incidents

  5. update - 2 more incidents in Roscoe Village apparently by same bad guy: A 14 yr old boy walking home from school today (Oct 6) at 4 pm was mugged on Wolcott between Eddy and Cornelia (St. Andrews student). The guy stole the boys phone. He's fine but scared. Black guy, 17-25 yr old.

    And a family on eddy between wolcott and ravens wood was robbed in their house today (Oct 6) at approx 4:00. Cell phones were stolen. Babysitter grabbed a knife and chased him away. Black guy, 17-25 yr old