Sunday, October 18, 2015

MUGGLYVILLE: Alert Issued After 3 Robbed Near Wrigley

With the Cubs putting Wrigleyville on a “national and world stage,” according to a local alderman, the area's vibrant criminal element is giving the world a real taste of what we've got: A major robbery problem.

Robberies here were up 96% in September and October is not looking good, either.

Sunday, Area North detectives issued a community alert after finding links between three robberies outside of Wrigley Field this week.

According to the alert, multiple offenders have been mugging victims on streets and alleys near the iconic stadium.

The reportedly-linked robberies were reported in the 3600 block of N Sheffield and the 3600 block of N Clark on October 10; and in the 1100 block of W Addison early on October 11.

Police provided the following offender descriptions:

On Sheffield—two black men between the ages of 18-21, 5’6” to 6’1” tall, with slim builds.

On Clark—two black men in their 20’s. One has dreadlocks and the other has a shaved head.

On Addison—two black men between the ages of 25-32, about 6-feet tall and 165-180 pounds. One mugger had dreadlocks and both wore black jackets and blue jeans; one also wore a black baseball cap.

Four offenders were involved in an additional mugging that occurred further away, at Ashland and Diversey, on October 15: A 5'6" white man with short brown hair who wore beige pants and three 6-foot tall black men, one of whom had dreads and wore a black Nike jacket with beige pants.
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  1. Just think of all the amazing free publicity that Wrigleyville will get if a visiting Mets fan gets robbed/assaulted starting on Tuesday.

  2. I agree 100%. With no mention in the mainstream media, including locally, there are going to be big problems.

    1. They finally mentioned this on the news this morning. However, they gave no description of the offenders. Such politically correct BS. Letting viewers know there is a group mugging people serves no purpose w/o a description of the offenders.

      Not that I want anyone to get victimized, but maybe if a Mets fan gets robbed, the national media will take notice. This is may be the opportunity - and public outcry - that we've been waiting for. Maybe something good will finally come out of it. One can hope.

  3. Sounds like Paul Kersey should take in a game at Wrigley.

  4. I don't understand, there are at least 3 robberies every night in this district sometimes more.
    Does the News really only know of these 3 ???

  5. Addison is now the feeding line for all the "youth" shelters on Halsted---not to mention the police station which has become a baby sitting service.

  6. "Concealed carry (with permit) and lots of practice at the range" were missing under the heading What You Can Do.

    1. Not so sure about that. I have a permit and carry but my number 1 defense is not my pistol.

    2. Thank you! I left boy's town and live in Austin now where virtually everybody is armed and guess what? No crime. Took me 2 years to get out of Lakeview ..worth it. Run,go, leave.