Wednesday, October 07, 2015

INCREDIBLE: Boy Robbed On Same Block Where Retired Policewoman Was Robbed The Night Before

A 14-year-old boy was robbed in broad daylight Tuesday afternoon less than a half-block from where a retired Chicago policewoman was robbed the night before. No one is in custody in either crime.

CWB Chicago reported the boy's story in our Twitter feed as it happened.

The teen was walking home from the nearby Addison Brown Line station around 4:15PM when he took out his phone to respond to a friend's text message. Within seconds, his phone and the offender were gone.

Police described the offender as a black male in his mid-teens. He stands about 5-feet, 5-inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. He was last seen running eastbound on Eddy Street.

Pings from the stolen phone were emanating from the 1800 block of Melrose when the boy's father disabled the device remotely.

ABC7's Eric Horng spoke with the boy and his father Tuesday night.

"I really think it has to do with the low level of police staffing in our neighborhood," Bob Kelly told ABC7.

Image: ABC7 Chicago
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  1. It's always the cell phones. Now if we could get the cell companies not to ever turn on a stolen phone again that would cut off the livelihood of these thugs! I wonder if that's the way to go with all of this. Pass a law requiring all reported thefts to be put in a database and before ANY phone is activate the phone serial number is checked against the database.

    1. The city already has a database law.

      The reason cell phones are "always" taken is because (get ready) EVERYONE HAS A CELL PHONE.

    2. Calm down Mr Allcaps, Tunney has you all worked up. Everyone also has shoes on but nobody steals those. The thieves are clearly targeting cell phones for a reason.

    3. Yes. Because they are valuable and they don't have to measure the victims' feet first to see if the phone will fit them. Also, yes, people are robbed of their shoes.

    4. Didn't you hear McCarthy yesterday at the dog & pony show at city hall. Lack of police? He is going to fix it. LOL

    5. They made an arrest on the guy who stole the phone and they have a lead for the man who assaulted and robbed the former police office.

  2. Even if the number of cops doubled or tripled in Lakeview, there would still be this type of crime although less of it. The problem is that the criminals that are caught get short sentences if any. If the criminals were locked up or executed there would be fewer on the street and other would be criminals would be less inclined to commit these crimes.

  3. Disgusting! We need to do something!
    Homeowners and Renters pay way too much money to have to deal with this bullshit! Everyone needs to be vigilant, keep a protective eye on our neighbors and call the cops when we see any suspicious behavior. . We need to call it what it is and stop pretending it's something it's not- (Random!)

  4. Enjoy enjoy your new tax bill, remember, it's the fault of the greedy policeman.