Saturday, October 03, 2015

GOING ROGUE: Man Charged With Robbery After Accomplice Speeds Off In Their Get-Away Car

A 23-year-old Humboldt Park man was arrested and charged with robbery Sunday after his alleged accomplice got scared and drove off in their get-away car, leaving the man to fend for himself as citizens got involved, witnesses said.

It all played out less than two blocks from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Lakeview home.

Police were called to the 1900 block of W Cullom around 11:30PM after a resident heard a victim being mugged outside of his home.

Officers arrived within minutes and engaged a suspect in a brief foot pursuit through nearby alleys and yards before arresting him in the 4300 block of N Wolcott.

Kameron D. Alston is now charged with robbery.

Witnesses reported that a Nissan Rogue had been waiting for Alston to finish the robbery, but the female driver sped off when she realized that the crime had been discovered, leaving Alston to go it alone.

His bail is set at $50,000.

Image: Alston's mugshot from the Chicago Police Department
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  1. Broke ass Kameron goes around town mugging women while wearing a 100 dollar bill t shirt. A money man you are not you broke ass loser.

    1. I am Kameron Alston. First of all,the t shirt had @ one dollar bill (not 100) so where did
      the money man from. Fuckin retard. I beat up a racist ass drunk MAN that came to my window poked me in"my" chest anybody call me a nigger again i'll do the same. I had plenty money in my pocket at the time of arrest since i make cash delivering food...I just got off of work that day when I was provoked. I dont care what you think.still to this day I work leagally for my daughters.Chicago is so corrupt.Dont worry im moving out of this shit hole soon. Lol

  2. Replies
    1. Was thinking the same thing. Dude looks 43.

      Where are the shitbag parents of this shitbag? Calling Charles Bronson......

  3. So at 10% of bail, $5,000 gets him out on the street to commit murder...of his likely girlfriend who drove off without him.

  4. Maybe the Chicago Tourism office or Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce will put him on the cover of their brochures.

  5. Chief of staff for Tunney? I am sure he is an eloquent speaker and maybe answer a few letters. No one else seems to be able to do the job.

  6. With role models like Snoop Dog, how can he go wrong?

  7. yall do realize this is slander. But don't worry all you who commented and believed it are gonna be sorry.