Tuesday, October 06, 2015

FOULED OUT: Charges Filed In Wrigleyville Home Invasion, Sex Crime

A 25-year-old Uptown man has been charged in connection with the home invasion and sexual attack of a woman in Wrigleyville this summer.

Chicago police say that 24th district officers recognized Marcel J. Geanes' face from an internal investigative alert as they spoke with him about traffic violations in the 1700 block of W Howard on September 22.

Geanes has now been charged with home invasion to commit a sex offense, two counts of burglary, and criminal sexual abuse in connection with the incident that unfolded in the 1100 block of W Patterson around 4:30AM on August 30.

The victim told police that she woke up in her apartment and discovered a shirtless man on top of her in bed. The man fled with credit cards, ID, and other property that belonged to the victim and a second woman.

At the time, the suspect was described as being a tall, slender, well-built, shirtless black man with a wide nose and dreadlocks pulled into a pony tail.

Bail for Geanes is set at $250,000.

Image: Chicago Police Department mugshot of Geanes
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  1. Looks like he's saying, "Hi, Mom...yeah, Chicago's great. Yep, still a loser."

    Geanes was also arrested nearly a year ago for trespassing.

  2. Great job by the CPD. Hopefully the victim of the Patterson break in and assault will have some closure.

    1. The victim is my girlfriend she suffers daily even just last night woke up due to nightmares because of this pos I hope justice served him well.

  3. Unfortunately you can bet he won't serve enough time for this offense, once on parole this creep with be back to the same behaviors.

  4. Noo not @ alll He is a good young man & I can assure you those allegations are false.

  5. I know this gentleman personally and a criminal he is not,just poor choice if company. I'll be praying for you Cel, and I pray that your story gets told in truth.

  6. A good person as a boy maybe , however this man made the wrong choice by attempting to "rape" my girlfriend I hope you served the max penalty