Friday, October 16, 2015

FARE DEAL: Armed Robbery On CTA Bus Brings 4-Year Term

A 21-year-old Portage Park man received a four year prison sentence this week in connection with an armed robbery aboard a CTA bus last winter.

Nathaniel Hernandez struck a deal to plead guilty to one count of vehicular hijacking in the January 21 incident, which played out on a #80 bus at Irving Park and Damen.

Prosecutors said that Hernandez pointed an 8 millimeter blank pistol at a 46-year-old passenger's head and took the man's phone and wallet. Hernandez then pointed the gun in the bus driver's face and ordered the operator to open the bus doors so he could escape, court papers said.

Hernandez reported to Stateville Correctional Center on Thursday. His parole date has not been set.

Image: Hernandez's intake photo from the Illinois Department of Corrections
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  1. I love that Tunney replies immediately to a question on his Facebook about a loading zone at Home Run pizza but deletes or ignores anything to do with crime. But hey he's also banned glass bottles at the bars durning the NLCS, so we're all safe now

  2. Where's the charge for carrying concealed on public transportation?

  3. criminals like this need 10-15 for the robbery AND the gun. All the gun control talk from our politicians, how about enforcing the gun laws on the books for a change!

    1. Why enforce the gun laws already on the books, when you can scream about the eeevil NRA. Might cut into fundraising - and we can't have that.

  4. So he's been in custody for almost one year already, with time off for, "good behavoir," he will probably be paroled and back on the streets by next summer

  5. Wow. I used to take the 80 almost daily up until earlier this year. Good crooks know CTA riders have no cash; those who have the money just take Ubers everywhere it seems.