Wednesday, October 14, 2015

(UPDATED) EXTRA INNINGS: Gunman Arrested In Wrigleyville After Cubs Celebration; 7 Arrests For The Night

One man faces weapons charges today after firing a gun near Clark and Cornelia in the waning hours of last night's Cubs victory party in Wrigleyville.

Two people are listed as victims of the aggravated assault which unfolded at 11:33PM after what had been a relatively uneventful celebration of the Cubs' division championship win.

Aside from the gun incident, the Wrigleyville party crowd was large and enthusiastic, but only six other arrests are known to have been made (times are approximate):
• 1:30PM arrest for scalping tickets outside the stadium
• 4:40PM arrest for theft of a cell phone near Addison and Reta
• 6:52PM arrest for "starting a fight with event staff" at 1040 W Waveland
• 7:12PM citation for operating a drone over the Clark Street crowd
• 7:27PM arrest for theft at Clark and Waveland.
• 9:07PM arrest for battery at Clark and Addison
• 11:28PM arrest for battery and assault at Clark and Newport.
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