Sunday, October 25, 2015

COURT REPORT: One Burglar Gets 6 Years, Another Gets Probation

Marshall J. Howard is back in prison. It's his third trip up the river for burglary since 2000, according to state records. It's also his longest sentence: 6 years.

Howard (Ill. Dept of Corrections)
Howard pleaded guilty to entering an occupied Lakeview home and stealing a cell phone at 1PM on September 16.

When the victim encountered Howard in his home, police said, Howard jumped out a nearby window. Cops caught up with Howard by following pings from the victim's cell phone as it traveled on a Brown Line train. They were waiting for him when the train pulled into the Kimball terminal.

Window jumping—and train riding, for that matter—will be more difficult for Howard until September 16, 2018. That's the date he is scheduled to be paroled.

Off Easy

Mikkelson (Chicago Police Dept)
Meanwhile, a former resident of a local youth shelter who was charged with multiple burglaries and escape is getting off with mere probation, court records show.

Terry Mikkelson made a splash in early June after he allegedly broke into a boat at Diversey Harbor and lived there for several days while the owner was out of town (and while Mikkelson was supposed to be on electronic monitoring).

Mikkelson was an immediate prime suspect in the boat burglary because his Cook County Jail release papers were left onboard, police said.

Several news outlets picked up the story and Mikkelson was charged with burglary in the boat caper. At the time, he was on electronic monitoring for allegedly committing burglaries in Wrigleyville and nearby Lakeview.

On June 9, a fugitive apprehension unit tracked Mikkelson down to a seedy motel on the far North Side and he'd been in Cook County Jail ever since.

Well, that's all mopped up now. Mikkelson is free after pleading guilty to three counts of burglary and one count of escape. In exchange, he received a very do-able sentence of two years probation.
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  1. The complete lack of consequences for multiple, repetitive serious crimes makes one want to just give up. I guess he deserves another 10 or 20 chances before doing any jail time. Liberalism is dangerous for law abiding folks.

    1. Liberalism has its place. What's dangerous for law abiding folks is crappy judges who refuse to do their jobs.

    2. I agree with your comment about the "crappy judges who refuse to do their jobs." I can't for the life of me understand why this is so. Why on earth would they let repeat, violent offenders out to re-offend & terrorize our communities? WTF is going on here? Seems like something from the Twilight Zone.

      CWB, keep up the good work. You are being cited over and over again in our "lamestream" media. Thank God for this blog and all the hard work you do.. The truth is finally coming out about all the BS we've been dealing with in our once, safe neighborhood.

      Any update regarding Ted's letters to Alderman Douchebag??

    3. Wow! If Gilligans Island was still on TV the writers could have made an episode out of this story and the laughs would have continued.

    4. Any update regarding Ted's letters to Alderman...??

      We hear Ted is crafting letter #4. Ted's not going away. Neither are we.

    5. To the editor: I agree that liberalism has its place, or perhaps I would say its "attributes". I wouldn't choose to live in Lakeview if I didn't truly believe that. Having said that, to simply blame bad judges while refusing to acknowledge the effect of the liberal culture on our penal system in a city run by liberal democrats for decades is to close your eyes to one of the obvious reasons this offender is still on the streets and likely prowling through our neighborhood as I type. Think about how many similar stories you've run in the past 6 or 12 months about light or nonexistent sentences. Thus, my statement is true. Liberalsim, at least WRT our ever-forgiving criminal justice system, is in fact dangerous for law abiding folks. PS: You do good work.

  2. Who was the judge for Terry Mikkelson?

  3. "We hear Ted is crafting letter #4. Ted's not going away. Neither are we."

    I say we get a group together to march to Tunney's office and deliver letter #4 in person. Of course, all the marchers will sign Ted's letter. And don't forget to alert the media!

    Let's do this!!!