Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BLOTTER: A Look At Some Recent Arrestees

Woods. Banned from "youth" shelter.
"I'm banned from the Center on Halsted and now The Crib [youth shelter in Boystown] and now here! This is bogus."

That's what a very mature-looking 25-year-old Marquise L. Woods told police who approached him after Inter-American Magnet School administrators reported seeing him playing video games on the school steps with one hand down his pants.

Woods, who listed The Crib as his home address during arrest processing, was charged with trespassing at the school, 851 W. Waveland.

Extra Atonement, Please

Roberto Leventopoulos, 26, really, really wanted to go to Yom Kippur services. But he didn't have a ticket.

After being warned numerous times to leave the Anshe Emet Synagogue unless he had a ticket, Leventopoulos allegedly returned the next day and "created a disturbance while attempting to gain entry" to services again.

Leventopoulos, of the Irving Park neighborhood, is charged with trespassing.

Clothes Make The Man

Uptown resident Charles E. Bobbitt, 49, is charged with burglary and theft after police say they connected him with two incidents in our neighborhood.

In one case, Bobbitt allegedly tried to sell a stolen bike to a pawn shop in the 3100 block of N Ashland and then fled when employees questioned him about the bike's stolen status. Records show the bike had been taken from the 1000 block of W. School.

In the burglary incident, Bobbitt is accused of cutting a lock off of a bike in the 400 block of Belmont and pedaling away. The entire episode was caught on camera, according to detectives.

When detectives played the surveillance footage for Bobbitt, they noted that Bobbitt was wearing the exact same outfit as the man who stole the bike: A royal blue Mobile gas station shirt; a blue LL Bean jacket that says "Carval Investors" on the right chest; and black and lime green tennis shoes with lime green laces. Bobbitt then identified himself as the person who was caught on video, cops say.

More "SADness"

Two days after officers arrested three teenagers who were allegedly trying to collect funds for a fake charity called "SO SAD" from Lincoln Park businesses, a 23-year-old woman was arrested for doing essentially the same thing along the Southport corridor.

Timeko Street was charged with one count of soliciting for charity without a permit during the Lakeview Taco Fest. Her flyers called the charity "SOS." At the time of her arrest, Street was in possession of $107 cash, police said.

Speaking of Charities

Deveon Curry, 18, has been charged with burglarizing the Salvation Army Officer Training School in Boystown over the summer.

Police records show that Curry, of the South Side Grand Crossing neighborhood, has been arrested nine times since his 18th birthday. Bail is set at $90,000.
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  1. And they will ALL be back out on the streets in no time at all, because of (1) namby pamby spineless judges who have such an oh-so-hard job to perform, and, of course, (2) because the perpetrators were all nabbed just at that precise magical split-second moment when they were beginning to "turn their lives around."

  2. Deveon is apparently 19 now so he can't brag he got caught ten times in the first year he was eligible to be tried as an adult. According to his CPD record, he's a drug dealer and a thief.

    1. Key word here is caught. My gut says to go with the 80/20 rule meaning he only gets caught 20% of the time and committed almost 80 crimes in which he didn't get caught.

      Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Curry. Never mind the prosecutors and judges; they don't even talk tough let alone act tough.

  3. Granted there is a legitimate need for the Crib youth shelter, it strains credulity when adult criminals such as Marquise Woods are welcome there. Harboring predators harms not only the immediate neighborhood but places genuine youth in need of services in jeopardy.

    1. Well, he's not exactly welcome if he was rightly banned from both there and the Center.

      Though that just raises the bigger issue/question of what happens once the staffs at both locations kick someone out.

    2. I would think now he should get a job. He's been coddled in the proverbial "crib" long enough. It's not worked apparently. Time for tough love.

  4. That place doesn't care as long as they get their money. If they did care theyd have a job program so they don't just wander around the streets all day with their backpacks.

  5. As for Timeko Street and her charity "SOS", that's funny. "SOS" is the female faction of a notorious street gang. SOS means "sisters of the struggle."