Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A REAL SLUGFEST: As Cubs Win Again, At Least 10 Are Arrested In Wrigleyville

Image: The Heckler
While the crowds looked relatively tame around Wrigley Field after last night's Cubs victory, CWB Chicago has learned that, at least as far as arrest numbers go, those looks were deceiving.

We estimate that between 10 and 14 persons were arrested by officers assigned to the Wrigley Field detail before, during, and after yesterday's game with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Most of the arrests were for simple battery.

By comparison, nine people were arrested in the celebration that followed last week's Cubs wild card victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If the Cubs eliminate the Cardinals tonight, we could see Stanley Cup-level arrest tallies.

Here are some "highlights" from yesterday's activities based on police radio traffic and independently-gathered information:

2:36PM — The game doesn't start for 3 hours, but that's no reason to delay our first arrest! Police traffic units take one down at Clark and Addison.

2:59PM — There's a guy—he's black, wearing a hat and a black jacket—charging people to park their cars under the L tracks near the Addison stop and he's not authorized to do that. He's gone when police look for him.

4:26PM — There's a guy—he's black, wearing a black jacket and a beige cap—who just charged somebody $100 to park their car in a space that he does own. Under the L tracks by the Addison station. Once again, he's gone when police look for him.

4:29PM — Officer describes the guy who's selling illegal parking spaces for $100 apiece as "a real ratty homeless looking guy." Maybe. But he's making a nice living tonight.

4:59PM — Police Helicopter: Major League Baseball has a helicopter up here to film the stadium.
Commanding officer: "We haven't been notified of any waivers [to airspace restrictions] except the blimp. Have them vacate..and get his tail number and report it to the FAA!"

5:13PM — Commanding officer: The FBI says they have a waiver after all. Never mind.

6:24PM — Man in the 3700 block of Fremont says two men in Cubs shirts are "jumping from roof to roof" at that location.

12:17AM — Three witnesses say a guy just rolled up to a woman in the 3400 block of Sheffield, got out of his car, punched her in the face, and then drove away.

12:23AM — Unit gets flagged down at Clark and Newport.  "[This guy] says his hand's broke and he's bleeding from his neck." Ambulance summoned.
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  1. I have no problem with a crook earning $100 from people stupid enough to pay that much to park.

  2. What was that small plane flying around Wrigley over and over? Something to do with security?

  3. Any Tunney sightings last night? Maybe he was protecting his condo from the loud music from the boaters at Diversey Harbor.

    1. He was at the Southport Neighbors meeting.

    2. Did he lie some more? Stare off into space vacantly? Screech at a taxpaying constituent to "Shut up! Shut up!"?

  4. Whether the Cubettes win or lose tonight, it's going to be epic and hell in the 'hood. Can't wait to read this forum Wednesday morning!

    1. It's the first thing I read while drinking coffee from my new home here in Thailand - after 10 yrs in Lakeview.

    2. I worked until 7 last night and couldn't find the usual open street parking in the usual parking free area of where I live (I will not name hood on account of work might get out how easy street parking is). There's virtually no public parking to pay overnight, not that I'd want to. So I parked illegally across a crosswalk. Luckily I found no ticket on boot this morning. I hope whatever the outcome of today's game I can get parking. Not sure what I'll do. Is the city going easy on residents with city stickers? I doubt it.

    3. NO!!! The city never goes easy on residents with stickers!!! Don't park in a crosswalk. I did once and got booted. There's usually lots of open parking on Newport west of Halsted, Aldine east of Halsted, and along Reta south of Addison.

    4. Thailand only has coups and military takeovers, not too mention drugs wars in the golden triangle. I guess we can expect that in the US soon.

  5. As if the MLB chopper wouldn't be FAA cleared - LOL. The FBI had to step-in and set matters straight.