Friday, October 09, 2015

A NOTE: With Daughter's Attacker In Jail, A Dad Says "Thank You, Chicago"

This week, we published a Lakeview woman's account of being mugged near Halsted and Oakdale as she walked to work on Tuesday.

With her alleged attacker now behind bars, her Dad says "Thanks."
I'm the Dad of the young woman that was attacked Tuesday morning on Oakdale. My wife and I live in Michigan.
When we got a call from her that morning, it was the most terrifying call anyone can get. 
We just thank God she wasn't seriously hurt.  We would like to say thanks to all who have showed support.
We would like to thank our other daughter (her sister) for taking care of her.
We would especially like to thank the couple who came to her aid, our heartfelt thanks to you both.
We would also like to thank the CPD for their quick response.  I heard response times aren't that great, But luck was on her side.
Another stroke of luck came when our daughter called us this morning and said the police caught him.
Now the justice system can put him away.
Again, Thanks Chicago
WGN spoke with the man's daughter yesterday. Their report is online.

Image: G.W.Kuhn3
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  1. In the WGN video report, Tunney's soundbite from the CAPS meeting was a typically incomprehensible, meaningless, lame politician's doublespeak. Keeping in mind that he was the Alderman who defended and applauded the merger of the 23rd and 19th, who has repeatedly and endlessly lied about the number of police in Lakeview and about the increase in crime as "perception," he said, "Most of you know me, that, you know, I put a lot of pressure to try to support the police in their efforts to try to get more person power in our district." What meaningless bullshit!

  2. Let's hope he doesn't go before Judge Luckman otherwise he will be back on the streets in a matter of days.

  3. Tunney is a worthless and sad figure. All children should grow up with him as their anti role model and the world will be a better place.

  4. ^^ What he said re Luckman; for a guy that's been at it for 30 years, I don't understand his approach to these crimes.

  5. Cook County Judges are like Supreme Court Judges. They have the job for life. Have you seen any of them voted out at election time? Hell, we don't even know their namers but people still elect them.

  6. I think what the father is saying is that they miss their daughter, and now that she got a taste of Chicago, she is moving back to Michigan as soon as possible.

  7. There a lot of Michigan parents who saw their daughters graduate U of M to settle into the fun that is Lincoln Park, Chicago only to find that there is plenty of urban danger lurking - even in the 'nice' parts of town.

  8. Tunney is worthless and Rahm is but damn idiot elected them both because they were so afraid of the alternative that may have made a difference and if they did we could have voted them out in 4 years. Only in Chicago do people keep voting for the same idiots.

  9. If you want Rahm out, press the Tribune and the Sun Times and the Reader to investigate the Barbara Byrd Bennett CPS scandal. Rahm had to know about her character and her actions and I suspect he was getting a cut of the action. $23 million for SUPES Academy and nothing for Rahm? Doubtful. I believe the Tribune recently sued Rahm to look at his personal emails (he was doing city of Chicago business on his personal account). Barbara is going to jail for sure. Maybe she can get a shorter sentence if she tells the investigators what part Rahm played.