Friday, September 18, 2015

TRIPLE PLAY: In 90 Minutes, Burglars Target 2 Phone Stores And A Burrito Shop

Two local cell phone stores and a burrito shop were targeted in apparent burglaries early Friday morning. No one is in custody.

3:03AM—Police responding to a burglar alarm at a cell phone store in the 2800 block of Broadway found that someone had thrown bags of salt through the front glass. Police are waiting for store managers to determine if anything has been taken.

4:01AM—Police responding to an alarm find the Burrito House, 3038 N. Broadway, burglarized. (Case HY427864)

5:30AM—Police responding to an alarm at Verizon Wireless, 1022 W. Belmont, find that burglars threw a rock through the front door. The same store was burglarized in exactly the same way one year and two days ago. (Case HY427880)

5:45AM—Responding to an alarm, police find the front glass broken at Soundz Good Audio, 3447 N. Western. Gates are in place and police did not immediately believe that anyone had entered the business.
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  1. Replacing the glass in your windows and doors is very expensive. If it happens more than once, and you repair it through insurance, your insurance is going to go through the roof. If this continues, expect businesses to begin installing bars on doors and windows like they currently do on the south side. Will be a lovely sight to drive down Broadway after 10 PM and see garage style doors and bars covering windows.

    1. This is how neighborhoods are business at a time. Slowly but surely, they devolve from having storefront windows to having bars over the windows to closing after dark to just closing up for good and before you know it, you have a replica of Englewood.

    2. Unfortunately, the south side (thugs) have invaded our neighborhood, and the shop-keepers may be forced to protect their businesses like they do on the south side, with those ugly bars & garage doors.

      I know the mayor hates the police, but why on earth is he allowing the criminals to infiltrate the remaining "good" areas? Isn't it bad enough that we already have so many hell-hole neighborhoods in Chicago? One would think that the powers that be would try to protect the remaining livable areas. Seems they don't even care.

      Once the people of Lincoln Park & Lakeview flee to the burbs, who will pay all those taxes? Seems our "leaders" won't be happy until every neighborhood in Chicago is a danger zone.

    3. Agree 100%.
      While assaults etc, person-on-person crime gets more coverage, this kind of stuff is insidious. And it WILL ruin a neighborhood.

    4. They already have "garage style doors" on Halsted. Sidetrack has them. Go figure.

  2. See what they did at 63rd & Halsted. Every store had roll down steel coverings on their windows. How long did that last? It now looks like a ghost town. But on the bright side. They get the best police coverage.