Friday, September 11, 2015

THE HUNT: Cops Hungry For "Dark Sedan" Robbery Crew

Chicago police believe that one prolific crew is responsible for at least five armed robberies in Lake View and Lincoln Park over the past week.

The team of two or three black men and one black woman have a gun, a dark sedan, and they aren't afraid to rob two people at once—or even strike twice in one night.

Cops believe the team's most recent hold-up came at 12:30 this morning near Clark and Fullerton.

According to police, two men and one woman in a black sedan pulled a gun and a knife on two people at Orchard and Kemper. They took $400, phones, and wallets from the victims and were last seen driving northbound on Orchard.

Wednesday night, they likely hit twice in Lincoln Park:

• At 8:10PM, a woman was robbed at gunpoint near Clybourn and Terra Cotta by two black men who ordered her to turn around and took her purse. They threatened to kill her if she did not give them the password to her phone.

The two men had emerged from the back seat of a 4-door older sedan that had a third person driving. One of men who got out was tall, slim, and had dreadlocks.

• At 9:44PM, a man was robbed at gunpoint on Altgeld between Lincoln and Halsted. The two offenders approached him from behind and took his ID and a whopping $5. They then fled westbound in a midsize black sedan. One offender wore a red hoodie and the other wore a gray hoodie.

The crew is also suspected in at least one of the eight robberies that were reported in our neighborhood last weekend. As we reported on Saturday morning:
At 10:08PM Friday night, two Edgewater residents were robbed at gunpoint in the 1000 block of W. Belmont. According to the victims, the hold-up was committed by four individuals in a dark sedan, one of whom had a black semi-automatic handgun.
The four offenders were black—three males and one female. One of the men has short dreadlocks, stands about 5'7" tall, and was wearing a white tee shirt and jeans.
They were last seen driving southbound on Kenmore.
Police believe [the] robbery is related to another hold-up that took place near Clark and Fullerton at 4AM Friday.
In that case, a couple walked into a nearby 7-Eleven to report that offenders in a dark sedan pulled up, produced a gun, and took their wallets and a Samsung S4. The offenders fled in the vehicle, which was occupied by two black men and one black woman.
The woman had short hair and was wearing a white t-shirt with jeans.
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  1. These people are playing the odds, which are in their favor since most city folks do not carry concealed. Then again, with over 120k licenses issued, I personally would not want to be riding in that dark sedan.

  2. Easier to come here and roll up on some people who likely don't have a gun as opposed to where they may live. Probably less of the 4800 illegal guns taken off the street in 2015 so far were in Lakeview and Lincoln Park than other neighborhoods, just a hunch.

  3. Clybourn and Terracotta--real close to Lathrop Homes. Wanna bet one or more of them reside there? Cruising straight east on Diversey for those easy yuppie marks.

    1. That, makes sense.
      Criminals like everyone else don't want to "work" any harder than they have to
      Plus the krack is close by too probably

    2. I believe that most of Lathrup Homes is unoccupied at this point. No real reason to link Lathrup with this crime. After all, how often are the thugs that are caught really from this area (besides the ones using COH, BYC and The Crib as their addresses)? They're usually from the south and west sides or sometimes even suburbs. I have a friend who lives near Lathrup and she doesn't fear for her safety every day like i do. In fact, that's where I escape to during pride weekend.

    3. I always thought that place was unoccupied too but I was corrected. There was also a girl who caught a bullet in the door of her car while driving by there. The cops confirmed that it was indeed a bullet hole.

  4. I wonder how many months of probation they will receive once they are caught?

  5. Again, if anyone has creative tendencies, I will be happy to pay for printing of flyers or stickers to help inform our neighbors of what's going on. Please reach out to the blog folks to get in touch with me. I want to plaster our neighborhood with information so they can't be ignorant any longer! Please design some posters or stickers!