Sunday, September 13, 2015

PUNCHED OUT: One Woman Choked, Another Gets Broken Nose In Weekend Robberies

The weekend's robbery activity is proceeding at a much slower pace than last weekend, but that will be little consolation to these women:

• A Lake View woman was attacked and robbed behind her home in the 1300 block of Henderson yesterday evening.

The victim told police that an offender approached her around 6:15PM, told her to cover her face, and then choked her before fleeing with her brown messenger bag.

She describes her offender as a skinny light-complected black man between 18 and 22 years old. He wore calf-high moccasin-style boots and a dark hat and stood about 5'8" tall.

The attacker was last seen running westbound in the alley between Henderson and Roscoe.

• A woman's nose was broken during an attempt robbery in the 3800 block of Sheffield around 10:45PM  Friday. The victim was walking when an unknown man came up to her and punched her in the face. He was unable to take any of her property, police say.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall white man with facial hair. He weighs about 170 pounds and was wearing a light brown t-shirt and dark jeans.

Observant CWB Chicago readers may note that the offender description and the failure to take anything from the victim make this incident sound similar to a series of random attacks on women that we told you about on Tuesday.

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  1. Lil Pappysbrother shot on Broadway...... Talented rapper. Lol

  2. The multiple reported incidents on this blog involving an subject who approaches someone and strikes or threatens them for no apparent reason, appear to be two separate offenders. One of the offenders is currently incarcerated in the Cook County jail. The detective division has been handed a small stack of police reports and hopefully, they are contacting the victims and arranging lineups to see if the victims can pick out the offender. Of course this makes it impossible for him to have broken this young woman's nose. Besides, he was more likely to shout bizarre things and threaten young women than to actually hurt them. The incident with the brick and the young woman who recently had her nose broken may be an unknown second offender. It's no secret that the 19th district police station is understaffed and officers can't be everywhere. But by paying close attention to one's surroundings and perhaps obtaining permits to carry firearms, the decent people of Lakeview/Boystown can dramatically increase their own safety.

    1. I don't even know what the fuck "paying close attention to one's surroundings" even means anymore. Does it mean that whenever I am outside, if someone approaches me I should scream? Or call 911? Or shoot them? I would be spending all my time screaming or dialing or killing. Instead of blaming victims for being attacked, how about doubling the police force so it becomes unlikely that an attacker can get away?

    2. This is correct. "JH" was in jail on an assault charge at the time of the woman's tackling. His latest arrest is for threatening to kill a "white bitch." JH, who is very white himself, claims to be a Latin

  3. ^ is the person you're saying is incarcerated the gentleman frequently in all blue with ratty gym shoes? Just curious.

  4. These two stories were reported on channel 5 news on Monday night. It was good to see comments from residents who noted that they are questioning their safety in this neighborhood for a change instead of the usual, "I feel pretty safe" statements that are usually featured. Unfortunately, this minimal news coverage will do nothing to change the circumstances. It's been made clear that we are in our own to try to avoid being mugged at any time of the day or night around here.

  5. The person who is in jail sounds like the hipster-ish guy who used to hang around Starbucks on Broadway & Buckingham. He is realitively quiet. There have been one or two occasions when he has seemed mentally unstable, but for the most part, he keeps to himself. The "other guy" is bat-shit crazy. You would know if you've run across him. He is stalker-like. He will lock in on a random person and follow them down the street yelling hateful, racist, words- always threatening to kill the person (referring to the person as "bitch", the "n-word", "jew", etc. He is loud, hostile, and aggressive.

  6. Probably unrelated but I came across someone who sort of matched the last person's description (although he did seem to be in his 40's). We were walking toward each other on the sidewalk and he had his fists clenched kind of punching downward into the air and was staring at me aggressively. I walked past and he stopped, looked at me, mumbled something, and then followed me a few steps.

    Being suspicious I turned around and as soon as I did he turned and walked the other direction. I'm a male and a bit bigger than him so maybe he sized me up and decided it wasn't worth it. At the time I chalked it up to a drunk looking to start trouble with someone but reading these stories it makes me wonder if it's the same guy going around attacking people (although I'm a male and this guy seems to like attacking women).

    Either way, it'd be nice to see a cop car driving around at night to maybe scare off some of these whackjobs.