Tuesday, September 08, 2015

NOT GR8: On The Heels Of A Robbery-Filled Weekend, Detectives Issue Stale Warnings

The locations of 8 robberies reported over Labor Day weekend. Gun icon indicates that a firearm was used. Brass knuckles indicates that "only" physical force was used. 
Eight robberies were reported in our area over the Labor Day weekend, a dizzying spree that harkens back to the summers of 2011, 2012, and 2013 when record-high robbery rates were set here. (See our reports from Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday night.)

Six of the weekend's robberies were within Wrigleyville and Boystown proper. And five of them involved firearms.

By comparison, Wrigleyville and Boystown had a total of 11 robberies reported in all of September 2014. Needless to say, with six cases racked up already, things aren't looking good for this month.

Yet, when the Chicago Police Department on Monday released two alerts about robberies in our neighborhood, neither alert mentioned the mayhem that had rolled out over the weekend.

Rather, one alert warned about robberies that happened more than a week ago and the other warned about a bank robber who hasn't struck in two weeks.

Editors' note: For statistical purposes, CWB Chicago considers "Wrigleyville and Boystown" to be the area encompassed by Belmont, Irving Park, Southport, and Lake Michigan.


In addition to the crimes covered in our weekend reports, we have now learned of an eighth mugging that took place about 4:30 on Saturday morning.

A hearing impaired man told police that he was confronted and robbed near his home in the 700 block of Briar by a black man who wore a face mask and wore all black clothing.

A Good Call

In a small piece of good news, officers responding to a report of suspicious people near the steps of Inter-American Magnet School, 851 W. Waveland, yesterday morning found that one of the individuals had an outstanding robbery warrant. He was taken into custody.

There is no indication that he was involved in any of the latest incidents.
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  1. The hearing impaired man wasn't "mugged. " He was the victim of an aggravated robbery (on s public way) and the offense should be so classified. Hear that, Tom?

  2. Tom hears nothing, because he is a lie, through and through. The man has no integrity. If he did, he would be demanding something be done about the rapidly deteriorating situation in this neighborhood. As long as he racks up his paychecks each month, and gets in a photo-op or two with old ladies or little school children, all is well over here in la-la land.

    1. Tom Tunney, Cappleman, Michelle Smith and just about all the other Aldermen are yes-men to the mayor. The mayor is anti cop, refuses to add funding for additional police, and his yes-men do whatever their lord master wants.

  3. I moved to Lakeview East 3 years ago from a suburb of Philly, and went to college in North Philly, a horrible neighborhood. I was so happy 3 years ago here, and felt I could walk from North Avenue to Addison at night without much more than common sense to keep safe. Now, I Uber home no matter where I am at night. There's been a big decline in the last 3 years, and the offensiveness of rent prices is more and more aggravating, if I have to worry about a Jewel run at 10:30 at night. I'd gladly shell out $25-$50 more a month to the city if it went directly to hiring more cops. Send me a bill, Tom...and let CWB be our escrow agent to make sure it isn't wasted.

    1. I left Lakeview 5 years ago when you had to wait for sunrise before walking to the gym. There is absolutely nothing in that area to justify those prices, unfortunately.

  4. I lived behind that school for years and the entire school grounds were covered with suspicious people. One block away from the police station, myself and neighbors called numerous times and nobody was ever removed, even after hours. This is also where the majority of the "crib" youth hang out all day long. Did I mention how thrilled I am to not live in Chicago? I didn't feel safe one block from a police station.

  5. There is a lack of understanding of City government by most commenters. For starters, The Alderman does not control the staffing of the 19th District Police. He has consistently asked for more officers but those decisions are made "downtown". This entire blog seems to be dedicated to criticizing the police and publishing specious facts - part truth and interpretations that are slanted and inaccurate. I have access to accurate information but do not sense that the owners of this blog are interested.

    1. Well, Erik, our email address is at the bottom of every post. We've never heard from you, so we sense that you don't really have any accurate information or you would have already provided it.

      Next, if "asking" in private doesn't work, he needs to ask in public. He needs to lead.

      Feel free set us straight on specious facts.

      We're looking forward to hearing from you.

    2. erik when you get your nose out of Tunney's asshole, please tell him for me to fuck off.

    3. Erik, do you work for Tunney? CPD is not criticized, only the "entertainment detail" which I'm sure District 19 would agree is not enough coverage for the overnight shift (with the amount of bars assigned) is occasionally questioned on this blog. My opinion is CWB is supportive of the CPD and the comments suggest neighbors want more police officers in Lakeview due to the crime surge, we never voted to let officers go to other neighborhoods, that was Tunney. Our Alderman needs to demand change now. Guess the criminal minds are smarter than he may have presumed and now he is going to lose his tax payers.

    4. Erik - Welcome to CWB. I mean that quite sincerely.
      First, I think you will find that readers here are VERY familiar with the workings of city hall. And rather than partisans, they are pragmatic, with a low tolerance for bullshit. Less for outright lies.
      So --- if there are mistakes here, please point them out so that they may be corrected.
      If you have "access to accurate information" please, by all means, put it out here. We'd like to see it.
      Now, I'm going to guess that doesn't happen. I'm going to guess that your post remains just a series of unsupported statements, a specious argument of its own. (By the way, "specious facts" is a non sequitur. There is no such thing.)
      You see, the fact is that the residents of this neighborhood have been lied to, repeatedly, about issues involving their safety. Those lies have come from their aldermen. And we resent it.
      The ball is in your court now.
      Got anything meaningful?

  6. But apparently we are all just being "Debbie Downers" because we are concerned with the uptick in crime. We should be looking at the positives! Like hey, all of the joy that COH brings to the neighborhood, instead of being concerned about armed robberies. "Good News in Lakeview: Here Are 5 Positive Things Happening in the 'Hood Don't be such a Debbie Downer." http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/lakeview-wrigleyville

  7. Sad to say, but even if we had more cops, these guys would be out on bail, I bonds, given probation and back on the street in days. Catch and release.