Thursday, September 03, 2015

NO BREAK: Burglary Spree Claims 8th Victim Wednesday

A resident of the 3500 block of North Racine yesterday became at least the eighth victim of a burglary spree that began in our neighborhood last Friday.

Chicago police issued an alert to warn residents about the break-ins, which detectives said were committed by a prowler (or prowlers) who entered through open windows.

CWB Chicago has learned, however, that police categorized at least three of the burglaries as "forcible entry," meaning that the offender broke through a window or door to get in.

This map shows the approximate locations of eight burglaries known to have been reported since last Friday.  In addition to the usual things that burglars take, the victims on Seminary and Newport had their cars stolen, too.

Also, a CWB Chicago reader who lives near Cornelia and Wilton told police that they found a screen cut out on one of their first floor windows this weekend. Fortunately for them, the burglar did not make entry.
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  1. Well, as Alderman Tunny says, since we will not be getting any more police persons in the district, and his plan for more police resources fell on deaf ears at city hall, we need to hire private security, at the tax payers expense. Wait until the new budget when our property taxes will double. I can't wait. I did put my place up for sale today. Will County is looking good.

    1. Good luck selling.

    2. I hear you - just don't sell before I do - OK? LOL

    3. You sure you want to stay in Illinois?

  2. The police and aldermans idea of using private security to help with crime will have VERY little impact on the burglaries and muggings.

    Those security guards would be at the bars - which is not where the burglars and muggers are!!

    Thus you need more police to take the burglary / mugging calls for service because security will only temper fights.

  3. Your property tax increase works out like this. 1000 to 2000 increase for north side yuppie ville. 100 to 200 increase for south side under assess property. Look on the bright side less for them L riders to steal when you are burglarized.

  4. How come we don't hear about any of this from the MSM? This is serious stuff!

  5. TUNNEY !

    Look man, this stupid red-herring about private security is just insulting.

    As you MUST know, private security will INCREASE the demands for police. It will make the problem in the 019th worse, not better. Have you bothered to subject this idea to even minimal scrutiny?

    Private security personnel are focused on protecting property. They don't patrol residential areas. They don't stop / interview suspects. They don't respond to calls for assistance from citizens. They are almost exclusively re-active, not proactive.

    They mainly grab drunk idiots and pass them along to regular cops. Occasionally they patrol bars after hours to search for property crime.

    Sure, the establishments for whom these 'guards' work will likely see a decrease in crime / damage. But AGAIN, this will INCREASE demands for police response. We are already critically short of resources here. Perhaps you should look to see how often, and for how long the 019th is already
    unable to respond to requests for officers.

    Bottom line: Your 'idea' makes things WORSE. Not better...WORSE. And any half-wit knows that.

    Please just 'fess up. Just tell the truth. Tell your constituents that you are UNWILLING to make any noise about their safety. You are unwilling to do 1/100th of what you did for three or four Wrigley Rooftop owners.

    1. And, don't forget, the security guards don't work in the public's interest. They work for private interests. There is no transparency; no checks and balances; no way for the public to know what the private operation is really doing.

    2. Agree CWB.
      And I've got nothing against private interests using security employees.
      BUT as we both see, this is a policing issue. And for Tunney to suggest that private security will help solve a public policy problem is infantile (at best).

  6. Wow full sheets and No down cars or one man cars tonight on a Friday night.
    Outstanding. Im sure it will be a help to all of us.
    As long as a certain Sgt. doesn't let his group of Favorite officers leave at 3am like he lets them once or twice a week. Then we should be ok if we All stay our full tour and help each other out.
    Be safe back each other up....