Friday, September 18, 2015

NICE: Arrests, Sentencing, And A Fisherman Reels In A Gun

A woman who was accused of trying to rob a man on the Boystown bar strip on May 28th while she was on probation for a robbery in the suburbs has reached a plea deal.

20-year-old Denise McDowell of the North Lawndale neighborhood pleaded guilty this week to one count of attempted robbery and received a 2-year sentence.

“Fundraiser” Arrest

Three people said to be going door-to-door soliciting businesses in Lincoln Park were arrested yesterday after one of them spit in the face of a worker who told them to leave her establishment.

It is not yet known if the three have connections with a string of recent thefts from businesses by young people posing as sports team fundraisers.

Two black women and two black men in their teens ran from a beauty salon in the 2500 block of Halsted around 1 o’clock Thursday after one of the women spit on the employee.

Police engaged the group in a foot chase. One of the men and both women were taken into custody near the 2500 block of Lincoln. Along the way, witnesses reported seeing one of the men drop items while running.

• About an hour before the salon incident, an employee found an unknown man going through her purse in a day care center near the 2800 block of Lincoln. The intruder reportedly shoved the woman aside and fled. He was described as a black man in his 30’s, with a thin build, short hair, and a backpack.


A man who was initially suspected of trying car door handles in west Lakeview was arrested Friday morning, possibly for trying to steal a woman’s purse.

Several officers were scouring the area around Bosworth and Waveland in search of the suspect, who was described as a white man wearing a white polo shirt with blue stripes.

A CWB reader told us that things escalated and the man tried to steal a woman’s purse around 11:50AM.

Nice Catch!

A fisherman at Montrose Harbor on Wednesday reeled in quite a catch: A bag that contained a loaded handgun. Police have logged the incident as “lost property” while investigators go to work.

Image: McDowell's mugshot from the Cook County Sheriff's Office
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  1. Nice report of jail time for once and many many arrests. There is hope for us yet!!

  2. " of them spit in the face of a worker who told them to leave her establishment."

    Are they expressing their criminality - or are they expressing their sense of immense entitlement?

    1. That's exactly what it is.

  3. I frequently read people angered by lack of prison time. Cook County judges have an extremely hard job. There is a limited space in IDOC. Judges must make the tough decision to incarcerate the armed robber or the drug addicted burglar?? Judge Calabrese has sentenced "violent offenders" to thousands of hours in IDOC! Sadly, low level offenses are not given priority in Cook County. The case loads are overwhelming. This blog does a good job but I thought to give you guys the other side.

    1. Balogna. Judges should sentence according to the law based on the crime. Criminals should not be sentenced to the justice that the state can afford.

      Here's how it's supposed to work:

      1) Police officers enforce the law
      2) Judges interpret the law and hand down sentences according to the law at conviction.
      3) The state incarcerates those who are sentenced.

      Since Calabrese has been on the bench for 8 years, saying that he has sentenced thousands of hours in IDOC is hardly a ringing endorsement, though it's probably accurate.

    2. "Cook County judges have an extremely hard job"??? Tough shit. No one put a gun to their heads and forced them to be judges. If the job is "overwhelming," then they should resign and let someone who can handle the job do it. And since when is it up to judges to determine the maximum occupancy of prisons? Your post trying to justify the behavior of judges who allow criminals to roam free and prey on decent people is just bullshit.

    3. The Judge does not answer to the Prison Warden.
      If the Prison is overbooked, too bad; it's not the Judge's responsibility to consider, nor make choices.

  4. Denise McDowell was on probation for beating someone up, not for robbery. Good for her for waiting until she was of age - I'll bet she'll enjoy navigating her 20s with two convictions for violent crimes.

    1. Hi William - Thank you for your always insightful comments. They are very much appreciated here.

      McDowell's robbery case was in Oak Park. More here:

    2. Notice that her address...2750 W. Roosevelt the Safe Haven Foundation, a homeless shelter. So the taxpayers are paying for a SAFE haven for her while she spends her time making our own neighborhood UNSAFE for us. What is wrong with this picture?