Friday, September 25, 2015

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Man Faces Charges After Two More Women Are Attacked At Noon Thursday

A man who allegedly battered and tried to rob two women near the Sheridan Red Line station on Thursday afternoon is now facing charges thanks to a quick response by 19th district officers and witnesses.

One of those witnesses called 911 just after 12 o’clock noon to report that he was following an offender who had thrown a woman to the ground and tried to take her purse near the CTA station.

Two witnesses eventually caught up with the suspect and detained him for police in the 3900 block of N Pine Grove.

While searching for the suspect and witnesses, officers found an apparent second victim near the Walgreens at Sheridan and Irving Park Road, police said. She was gone when they tried to re-contact her and it is not clear if she later filed a report.

The offender was described as a heavyset 6-foot tall black man. Based on that description, the man in custody does not appear to be the person responsible for a string of daytime attacks on women who police believe is escaping in a red Pontiac Vibe hatchback.

CWB is withholding the name of Thursday’s arrestee until charges are announced.
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  1. Dear Toni and Anita,
    Please put him away for 35 years.

    1. I'm sure he'll just get probation. Our judges are worthless.

    2. They'll probably let him i-bond out and give him six month's unsupervised probation. That is, unless they dismiss the case if the victim doesn't show up in court.

    3. Sadly William, I'd bet $100 what you say is what will happen. Why would the judges suddenly change their ways?

  2. The SA's office will only prosecute cases in which they don't have to defend the bad guy too.
    No money for an attorney of your own?...Have a nice day, see you again soon.

  3. They won't.

    The SA's office is only interested in cases that they don't have to prosecute and defend.

    No money for your own attorney?...Have a nice day, see you again soon.

  4. Dear Neighbors,

    Unfortunately we here are talking among ourselves in an echo chamber. Most of the thousands in this Ward are marginally aware of what is happening and would reelect Tunney again based on photo-ops and tough talk on Wrigley Field.

    There are three things we can do to change things:

    1) make all of your neighbors aware of this blog as a way of keeping track of what's happening in this neighborhood. The more people know the greater the pressure to change will grow
    2) compile Tunney empty rhetoric dispersed via the media to the actual lack of changes for the better
    3) paper the neighborhood with crime stats and Tunneys BS

    This is politics and the way to dis place an incumbent is to raise his disapproval ratings- that ain't happening without people knowing what goes on and how the alderman is not doing anything about it.

    Higher incumbent dissatisfaction either gets him off the couch to start doing more or sets up someone else to be a legitimate challenge. Otherwise, his name recognition alone will carry him again and again in every election

  5. Wrong. Battery charges only

  6. And now a brief break from the crime stories for an informative message from one of our sponsors...
    It's ironic that CWB used that "Double Trouble" graphic because it is the title credit of a 1952 version of the "Adventures of Superman" TV show in which a drag queen is a featured character. Jimmy Olsen is fooled by a man dressed as a woman in this TV drama, which was the first year of the series and which starred the original actress portraying Lois Lane, who was Phyllis Coates, rather than the better known actress in all later years, Noel Neill. This TV show was really ahead of its time, in that a drag queen was a shocking character in 1952. Drag queens were always considered only as comic characters then, and Milton Berle had great success in comedic drag sketches on his weekly TV show at the same time. But to have a drag queen in a drama was very unusual. The man in the TV show who dressed as a woman to hide his identity was a murderer. Little did the people alive in 1952 know that 60 years later, men dressed as women would not be considered unusual in certain neighborhoods.

    1. disguise to rob everyone blind. Now even though I'm gay I have my limits. At least 1/2 of those crossdressers out there aren't even gay, transgendered, queer or any other letter of the ever expanding acronym.