Sunday, September 13, 2015

BAD LUCK? Man Charged With Boystown Robbery Was Acquitted Of Another Robbery Charge In January

CWB Chicago has learned that Amari Jones, the 19-year-old Homewood man charged with one of the neighborhood's eight robberies last weekend, was found not guilty of aggravated robbery in suburban Cook County earlier this year.

And, just a week before he allegedly robbed that man at Melrose and Broadway on September 6, Jones pleaded guilty to stealing a cell phone from a Wendy's restaurant in suburban Glenwood.

Jones was sentenced on August 31 to two years probation and 200 hours of community service for the phone theft.

In the robbery case, Jones was charged on September 26, 2013, with aggravated robbery after being accused of pretending to have a handgun during a hold-up in the suburbs. He was acquitted on January 13 of this year.

Images:; Cook County Sheriff's Office
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  1. And, he'll be right back out to continue his thuggery in a matter of days. Thanks, namby-pamby judges!

  2. The best "community service" he could perform would be to go take a dive off the Willis Tower.

  3. Tunney's last email claimed they should up to be advocates for stiffer sentences in court. Someone should email him about this guy.

    1. Fat lot of good it would do to email Tunneys. Either his staff will intercept the email before it gets to him, or it will just automatically shoot off into a mass void into outer space (the same outer space where Tunneys stares vacantly during CAPS meetings.)

  4. he violated probation so when he's found guilty he should go to prison