Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 ROBBERIES AT GUNPOINT: Suspect Arrested After 22-Minute Spree

Chicago police responded to three robberies at gunpoint in less than 30 minutes Monday night—one in Lakeview, one in Lincoln Park, and one in North Center. A suspect is in custody.

The first sign of trouble came around 10:40PM when a man told police that he was robbed of his phone and wallet by a gunman near Southport and Henderson in Lakeview. He described the offender as a Hispanic man with a teardrop tattoo under one eye who wore a black hoodie and beige shorts. The gunman carried a chrome semi-automatic.

Then, at 10:55PM, a victim lost a laptop, Kindle, and cell phone to a robber who was armed with a silver handgun in the 1800 block of W Roscoe. The offender was said to be a white or Hispanic man in a black hoodie.

Finally, just after 11PM, a white or Hispanic man in long baggy beige shorts walked up to a woman in the 1300 block of Wrightwood, pointed a gun in her face, and demanded her valuables.

Suspect Arrested

In an outstanding piece of police work, 19th district officers became suspicious of a driver during a traffic stop near Roscoe and Ravenswood around 11:20PM. Officers detained the driver after they saw items in the vehicle that matched the proceeds taken in the 1800 block of Roscoe. That victim was able to identify their property in the vehicle.

At the time of this report, the other two victims have been transported to Area North headquarters to see if they are able to identify the offender or their belongings.
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  1. Excellent work by the police!

  2. Great arrest. Hey judge, how about 3-5 years for each robbery and another 5 for the illegal gun?

  3. What about the DNA report? The guy gas a busted kneecap and broken eardrum.

  4. Thank you, CPD,

  5. So nice to see a bad guy getting picked up off the street so quickly!

  6. The Police always do a great job in spite of being hobbled with short staffing in the district. In the days of the old 023 district, when something happened you could see the blue lights coming from all directions. What a pity we no longer enjoy Police service as in the days of old.

  7. Great job Officers! And great job with the other Robbery arrest a couple of nights ago near Paulina and Damen!!

  8. Per DNA Info, looks like Alvarado got bail set at $750k. His girlfriend was happy, according to the article. Now he can finally go get that job and turn his life around! Why can't people just give this guy one more chance? He probably really means it this time. Now that he has been arrested twice in six weeks, since being paroled, he really really really learned his lesson now, guys.

  9. The gun is an automatic +15 years, so he faces a range of 21-45 years for each offense.