Saturday, August 01, 2015

WHOOPSIE DAISY: Two Charged In Attempted Truck Break-In

Bagged tagged and ready to go
‘cuz we was fast and they was slow.

Men wave to the Google Street View car outside of 525 Hawthorne Place.
That's how one 19th district officer wrapped up the arrests of two men who were allegedly seen breaking into a truck outside of 525 Hawthorne Place on Wednesday morning. One of the arrestees has already pleaded guilty and is serving out a brief sentence.

Officers who responded to the 6:30AM call quickly arrested one suspect who managed to steer his bicycle directly into a squad car. But the other bike-riding man sped away.

Despite his best pedaling efforts, the man was taken into custody at Cornelia and Pine Grove by officers who had mounted much speedier "horseless carriages."

Juan Meza, 37, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of criminal trespass to a vehicle and received a 20-day sentence. Possession of burglary tool charges were dropped, court records show.

44-year-old O'Brien Anthony Quaid of the 700 block of Cornelia pleaded not guilty to one count of criminal damage to property. He's due back in court on September 15.
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  1. OBrien Quaid is a career criminal and lifelong loser...check out his Facebook page, where on 7/29 at age of 44 friggin years old he states:
    "Really loosing grip wish i would of listened too people some years ago i wish i could find some good people left in the world that understand how hard it is to rearrange ones life in a positive way cause i really need some people who understand how difficult life can be iam tired of complicating my life i need some help and guidance thanks much"
    I guess the CoH would consider this 44-year old jagoff to be a "troubled youth."

    1. You are correct, The CoH and all of the other "services" would definitely consider this 44 year old loser a "youth."

      Shame on CoH and all of the other "service agencies" that do nothing but attract criminals to this once, safe area.

    2. That whine is a good example of the twisted logic those people have. HE and other criminal people just like him are the reason city living is so challenging and dangerous for those of us who are honest and hardworking...and yet he is whining about needing help and guidance. We would all be better off he left the neighborhood and stopped committing crimes. Yet at age 44 he still wants those of us who are victims of his crimes to help him. I am sick and tired of looking over my shoulder and being afraid to be on the street and of locking and relocking everything to keep from being robbed or assaulted and it is all because of creeps like him. Jesus.

  2. When will taxpayers fight back?

    1. History has proven that taxpayers just give up and move elsewhere and leave cities like Detroit and Newark and Cleveland to decay and rot.

    2. "history has proven..." Not true, Chicago, Washington DC and NY are cities that fought back.

  3. One of the A-holes sped by me on a bike on Brompton at about 6:30 in the morning when I was walking my dog. I held Bob (my dog) close by the side of the walk/fence, as the perp rode by. Kinda scary. I just wish I had been around the corner at LSD,north of Brompton, to see the cops tackle this MF and toss him into the paddy wagon, like a woman at the bus stop saw.

    Sick of the crime in the area. Thinking of moving north. : (

  4. "Possession of burglary tool charges were dropped."

    The judges have discovered that if they drop the burglary tool charges then they don't have to order them destroyed. Who said judges weren't smart?