Thursday, August 20, 2015

THE CHERRY PICKER: Violent Crime Soars 33% In Uptown, But Alderman Says "Crime Is Down"

Prepare yourself for what must be the most blatantly misleading crime statistic to be released by a local politician this year.

Uptown Alderman James Cappleman on Tuesday Tweeted a “5-year trend of violent crime in Uptown for [the] month of July, when violent crime tends to be highest.”

Just look at that declining bar graph! Good old James! He’s getting the job done.

One problem: Violent crime in Uptown this year was up 33% through July.

Murders are up from two last year to eight. Robberies are up from 47 to 65. Aggravated batteries are up from 32 to 37. Aggravated assaults are up from 27 to 39. Rape's flat at 16.

How embarrassing. Our elected officials are so desperate to continue the “crime is down” narrative, they will actually cherry pick a one-month statistic to make it look like things are going great. Even when violent crime is up 33%.

We’ve given Lakeview alderman Tom Tunney a lot of grief over the past couple of years. And it’s been some well-deserved grief. But Cappleman is running away with the Bullshitter of the Year Award.

THE TRUTH: Uptown Violent Crime Totals Through July Annually

Source: Chicago Police Department via Chicago Data Portal
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  1. "I'm just a social worker." I hate him.

  2. And this week's Tunney award winner is.....
    Well done there, buddy.
    Seriously, what a complete tool you are for lying to your constituents...hell, lying to ANYBODY like that.
    And getting paid for it too. Really pal, just like the thugs in our neighborhood, you are the problem.

  3. How on earth did Tunney & Cappleman get re-elected....or for that matter, the mayor? I guess no one has a problem with soaring crime and a decimated police force and city "leaders" that vote again and again for a city budget that does not provide for safe police staffing levels. Crime is down! Who believes these lies??

  4. I knowed Tunneys is a lie but now it's evident Capplemans is a lie to.

  5. Yep.....thats Cappleman. Evidenc-based best practices he says. Only without any evidence its just a tagline I guess.

    He says he has independence from the Mayor....$60,000 in Rahm PAC money later. He never would have got that ya know if he kvetched to the Mator about getting more police cut from his ward then anyone else's.

    But how would he have paid for all those fliers to inform you of things like auto theft is down 30% since 5 years before he came into office? Of course you had to read the fine print but....

    Cappleman is a unfunny over paid joke.

  6. Yeah- won't miss any of this - headed overseas in 10 days.

  7. In a perfect world, the only folks affected by these crimes would be the idiots that voted these incompetents into office!

  8. It would be nice if the major media outlets would call him on this cherry picking lie. It seems only the crooked and incompetent are elected to run the city. Sick and sad for the people of Chicago. This guy isn't worth a tiny fraction of his 100k plus salary.

  9. How do you know when Uptown Alderman James Cappleman is lying? He's still breathing, isn't he??? LOL Very STUPID and sad. Y'all cant fix stupid! Quit voting these fools into office!!!