Thursday, August 20, 2015

STUNNING: Workers Robbed Outside Local Pizza Hut; Boys Rob "Elderly Man" In Uptown Park

Two Pizza Hut employees were robbed as they closed the store at 3009 N. Clark Street early Thursday.

The victims told police that a pair of offenders brandished a stun gun and demanded their cash as the workers left the store for the night around 1:30AM.

Both offenders were described as black men. One wore a gray shirt with a white hat while the other wore a burgundy shirt with a red hat. They were last seen heading southbound on Clark Street with the victims’ hard-earned $80.

Kids Beat And Rob "Elderly Man" At Uptown Park

A monitor at Chase Park, 4701 N. Ashland in Uptown, reported seeing a pack of teens, some as young as 12-years-old, beating up an “elderly man” and then taking the senior’s bike around 7:30PM Wednesday. At least one suspect is in custody.

Working off of the park attendant’s description and knowing that the offenders were particularly young, cops soon located a small group of kids that matched the offenders’ descriptions.

One runt was taken into custody after being positively identified in the 4400 block of Malden around 8:20PM.
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  1. Wonder if it's the same kids that assaulted an elderly man at Sunnyside mall last Thursday.

  2. I used to get really upset when I read that victims and witnesses did not appear in court, and that criminals would be released as a result. But a friend just called me and told me that he has been summoned to court because he witnessed and reported a crime. The court is not downtown by his office, the court is at 3150 W. Flournoy, off the
    Blue Line. His trip to the court at 9am will be pretty dangerous on CTA and as he cannot afford a taxi or Uber, he will have to rely on CTA. So if you do a good deed in Chicago, you get punished.

  3. It's worse when victims are tourists. Even if they do return to Chicago for a trial, the court system allows the criminals to get continuances that eventually wear down the victims and cause many of them to give up entirely.

    1. Any idea if the vacancy rates at Days Inn or the B&B on Halsted have risen in the last couple of years ?
      If so, this ex-tourist is part of those stats.

  4. Is there any info on the arrest that occurred on Roscoe this morning? Man was arrested with a big black duffel bag?

  5. Sadly, nothing much will happen to the "runt" thug or the rest of the pack, if they are also caught. So the revolving door keeps going and these cowardly punks continue to target the old and the weak. Too bad the old guy didn't have a gun. As was the case in this attempted robbery in Texas where a 75 year old shot the would be robber in the butt as he exited the store.