Thursday, August 20, 2015

MONTROSE BEACH: Cabbie Rescues Severely-Beaten "Kid"

Once again last night, Montrose Beach was definitely not the place to be after sundown.

Officers on patrol near the park at 9 o’clock last night were waved down by a cab driver who had essentially rescued a young man who had been attacked at Montrose park minutes earlier.

“This kid is beaten so badly,” one cop radioed, “he has to go to Masonic.”

“We think this is a robbery, but we can’t get anything out of him.”

Twenty minutes later, another caller reported seeing a huge group of men beating up a single victim at the beach. Police were unable to locate the victim because callers gave imprecise location information.

Officers began closing down the park immediately.

As CWB reported on August 9, beatings and robberies have been widespread at Montrose after dark. Now, a pattern is emerging. The beat-downs and robberies seem to be happening disproportionately on Wednesdays.
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  1. Please update us on the status of the victim. This is sickening.

  2. Years ago I was run off the lakefront at about 930pm by a cop during one of my evening bike rides. I told him that I thought the parks there closed at 11. I wasn't being sarcastic, just wondering if something had changed. He became confrontational and told me not to argue with him and that "There are criminals out here ya know!". I told him to go find them then.

    My first thought was they were doing their nightly "sweep" early because they wanted to go home. Now I believe they were "closing down the park" then too.

    Really, if you can't enjoy that lakefront and have to flee by sundown, Chicago really is toast.

  3. Meanwhile a female DePaul student was merely "touched" this morning and screamed. It's on the TV news right now. They're handling it as a sexual assault.

  4. Where are all of the "extra resources" promised to the district by the alderperson? ? ?

  5. How about putting the whole bike team at Montrose the last few hours every night before someone gets killed by these gangbang thugs

  6. I watch it over there most nights.
    There's no 'sweep'. Nothing like it.
    There are a couple of Park Patrol guys who drive very slowly with blue lights on (to signal their arrival well in advance).
    Occasionally....and I mean like once or twice a month, a police vehicle rolls through.
    BTW, the Park Patrol almost never makes it south of Montrose. Along Morovitz or to Rec Drive? Almost never. Same with the police.

  7. Wednesday night is Reggae Night at The Dock, the restaurant at Montrose Beach. You can decide why there's a crime spike on that day of the week. BTW, other concerts put on by such diverse acts as Huey Lewis and Mumford & Sons had virtually no problems other than heavy traffic and limited parking.

  8. I used to avoid Montrose Beach area after 5 in summer, now I clear out by noon.

    1. I just returned from the dog beach just to meet up with someone to say farewell. We sat at those concrete "steps" that run all along the beach. The ENTIRE area below is FILLED with empty liquor bottles, beer cans, Starbucks cups, pop bottles, more liquor bottles in paper bags but I didn't see any plastic bags. There is no break whatsoever in the line of this trash that adorns that area. Then I lit a cigarette and forgot that I could get a ticket for that but didn't care.

      I will leave Chicago permanently next week with that ridiculous plastic bag ban as a lifelong memory. I took pictures of the trash and recyclables for my scrapbook.

    2. i try to clean up there but i give up.animals just don't care