Friday, August 07, 2015

GONE: Uptown Man Says "Hipster Thief" Stole His Beloved Car

Dan Gawne says he's heartbroken.

He says someone used a screwdriver to break into his building in the 4700 block of N. Racine yesterday morning and proceeded to steal Gawe's car from the garage.

"My only guess is that he found the valet key in the glove box," Gawne said. "Lesson learned there I suppose."

He posted pix of the "hipster thief," who he says took his 2014 dark gray Subaru Outback with an M22 sticker on the back hatch window around 4:30AM Thursday.

"If anyone sees him or my car in their neighborhoods, call 911," Gawne said.

Gawne had been back in Chicago for just eight hours before his beloved "SuperRoo" went missing.

Images: Dan Gawne
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  1. GPS locators are cheap.....Buy them and adhere them to your beloved items.

  2. Busy, Busy Saturday night. Market days, wrigleyville, Belmont.
    And alot of one man cars? No traffic cars on this Saturday night for some reason??
    Same officers taking off every weekend and being able too for some reason.
    Be safe back each other up everyone that's working and didn't take off.

    1. Oh, so no "increased resources" Alderman Tunney told everyone we've gotten? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!
      Perhaps, some phone calls to his office are warranted.

  3. Any guy wearing a wool knit cap in August can't be up to anything good.

    I tend to think the whole look may be a disguise...unless he is in fact a total hipster douchebag. The beard and long pony tail could be fake and he could actually be bald and clean shaven. Actually, it's hard to tell whether he has pecs or boobs. It may be a woman.

  4. This hipster thief story does not pass the smell test. "My only guess is that he found the valet key in the glove box," Gawne said. The hipster broke into the building and picked a car that happened to have a valet key attached.

  5. So the unfortunate Michigan transplant left the spare valet key in the glovebox?
    Did Hipster Thief break into the car? Or, did Mr. Michigander leave the doors unlocked?

  6. When I lived in Uptown 10+ years ago, our building's garage was broken into several times. Cars would be gone through, stuff missing etc.....because people left their cars unlocked. Leaving the keys IN the car is whole other level of unawareness.