Sunday, August 16, 2015

FROM HIGH-RISE TO HOOSEGOW: Accused In Local Attack, Streeterville Man Heads To Prison

Eugene Cathery, whose tony Streeterville address raised some eyebrows when he was charged with a Boystown robbery last summer, has been sent to prison.

Cathery, 24, was sentenced this week to a 5-year term after being found guilty of aggravated battery to a transit employee in the incident, which unfolded near the Addison Red Line station in July 2014.

His co-defendant, Deondra White, received 30 months probation and 180 days in jail after she was found guilty of the same charge.

Cathery had been on 18-months probation for burglary at the time of the alleged robbery. Having failed to keep his nose clean, he has now been given a 4-year prison sentence for that charge, too.

Prison For Catalytic Converter Defendant

Joshua Morris, one of two men arrested after a Chicago Police unit on an unrelated, secret stakeout happened to see them saw a catalytic converter off of a stolen vehicle, was sent to prison this week.

Morris received a three year sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to receiving or possessing the stolen vehicle.

His co-defendant, Miguel Soto, received 3 years probation, a fine, and restitution in exchange for an identical plea earlier this month.

On October 3, 2014, covert Chicago police officers working on an unrelated investigation were conducting surveillance from an undercover vehicle near the L tracks at Roscoe and Clark. Unable to break their cover, the officers relayed play-by-play action to 19th district cops as Morris and Soto parked a stolen car directly next to the undercover vehicle, got out, sawed off the stolen car's catalytic converter, and then drove away in a second car.

Morris and Soto were arrested less than one block away.

Images: Cathery(top) and Morris (bottom) from the Illinois Department of Corrections.
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  1. There are some really crappy buildings in Streeterville and even the Gold Coast. I was shocked when I went in them. He very well could be part of the 20% that don't have to pay "market rate" in a luxurious deluxe building there.

  2. Visitor to boystown from the burbs:

    Love boystown. Never received a red-light ticket or parking ticket in my life. (also: never received the alleged warning that I supposedly received in March).

    In one week: one (1) parking ticket (first time in my life by 26 minutes (was having dinner at taverna) and one (1) red-light photo enforcement in same week.

    Not patting myself on the back. My boyfriend and I spent A LOT of money in the community; we love it. I deliberately go to gay-friendly restaurants for both lunch and dinner when we spend a day.

    But! I am not complaining. *** IF *** the $150 the City just swindled me for goes to HIRING EXTRA COPS, then I am for it. Otherwise, this ticketing, shakedown of civilians is going to cost businesses and the CITY.

    ... just my two cents. Love the community; support the community. Stop ticketing me (unless the funds are use to hire more cops to FIGHT CRIME).

  3. More cops would be great but it means little if the sentencing is so weak. I'm happy Morris got some time, but 3 years means he will spend maybe a year and a half in jail. He was arrested a few years earlier stealing cars and was given a slap on the wrist by one of our wonderful judges. At some point the justice system has to realize this person has no interest in being a functioning member of society and locks them up for longer durations.

    Guarantee you'll be writing another article about this guy in 2017. All the cops in the world don't matter if the punishment for these crimes is so minuscule.

  4. 8:32, Cook County judges do the best they can. They preside in some of the busiest courtrooms in the country and are overworked. There is limited space in IDOC. Violent offenses like murder, rape, armed robbery, guns, ect...take priority. I suggest folks take a field trip and go to courtroom 301 at 26th/California to get a better understanding.

    1. You're part of the Court Advocacy group right?

  5. Original OP again: Oops. I forgot to mention that we do not have money; we do OK. We are happy to spend the money that we do have for entertainment in boystown. Thank you.

  6. I'd be content if we could get rid of: (1) the thugs, (2) the alderpuss Tunneys, and (3) the bachelorette girls who seem to think Boystown is their playground. Ugh!!

  7. But anyway, love his "hair". Just a lil red and blue dye and he'd look just like George Clinton's son.

    At least the wierdos back in my day had some talent and made a legit living off of it.

  8. By the way whoever is in charge of this doesn't know anything about the Cathery case. He was NOT guilty! FYI! If you're going to "update" information about a case make sure it's correct!

    1. Our story is 100% correct. You are 100% wrong. As you know, Eugene is sitting in prison (again) until January 13, 2017, due to this case. Give him our best when you visit him at Lawrence.