Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FOILED: Robbery Charges Filed In Sports Authority Case

A 44-year-old Garfield Park man has been charged with armed robbery after he allegedly pulled a knife when a loss prevention worker attempted to apprehend him for shoplifting at a Boystown sporting goods store Friday evening.

Prosecutors say a security guard at Sports Authority, 3134 N. Clark, watched as Patrick Day placed three pairs of shoes into a large bag after attempting to defeat the attached anti-theft devices by wrapping them in aluminum foil around 6:20PM

When a security guard took the bag of shoes from Day, police say, Day began waving a knife at the guard and threatened to stab him if the guard did not return the bag of shoes.

Day fled the scene when the guard screamed for other employees to call police. Officers arrested Day about 20 minutes later as he walked in the 2900 block of Broadway.

Bail is set at $150,000.

Image: Day's mugshot from the Cook County Sheriff's Department.
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  1. Lets hope the guard shows up to court

  2. A former satisfied reader of Tiger Beat in the 1980'sAug 18, 2015, 7:14:00 PM

    Hold on You're calling 3134 North Clark street Boystown? Come on guys... Nobody calls that area anything but Lakeview. Everybody knows Boystown starts at Belmont and Halsted and runs north to around Sheridan.

  3. In less than a year, Mr. Day has been arrested on half a dozen separate days: once for armed robbery, twice for criminal trespass, once for narcotic-related loitering, once for shoplifting, and once for possession of cocaine.

    Locations range from the Gold Coast (two arrests 9 months apart around North/Sedgwick), East Pilsen (near the Metra Rail Yard), East Garfield Park (Madison/Kedzie, near the Garfield Workforce Center, which he lists as his home address), Old Town (Division/Clybourn), and Broadway/Wellington.

    These crimes/locations do not include the arrest in this story.

  4. I appreciate 110% wholeheartedly the efforts CWB does they have done more for this safety and city then 99.9999% of other sources online and other media. Funny thing is that my cop friends I have actually use your web--site to read about stuff they are never even told about by their superiors about crime issues and trends which is sad how the the actual management of cpd works that our boys in blue look at your site for information and crime trends and descriptions of bad guys.Says volumes! What I would suggest to CWB is to fill out freedom of infomation requests and see all the arrests in the district and see how many criminals use center on halsted, the crib church, howard brown health center, broadway youth center for the last 12 calendar months on their arrest reports as their home address. What excuses would these organizations say when such a huge amount of people they serve are the people pillaging our beautiful lakeview area and use them as their residential address? can they argue with facts? #lakeviewsafetymatters

  5. Glad there is one scum bag off the street

  6. Why is he in Lakeview? Can't he go rob someone in a closer neighborhood like Bucktown?