Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DING DONGS: Tracked Down By Victim's Pinging Phone, Robbery Charges Are Filed Against Two Felons

Two convicted felons are charged with robbing a Lakeview man near Racine and Roscoe early Saturday morning. A third suspect remains at large.

Charged now with robbery are Titus Meadows, who previously received a 4-year sentence for an aggravated robbery in 2010, and Joshua Tucker, who did time for burglary. They are both free on electronic monitoring.

Tucker, of the South Shore neighborhood, is 22. Meadows, of South Chicago, turns 23 on Thursday.

Police say they arrested the two men after following the victim's cell phone pings to a back yard near Halsted and Newport in Boystown.

Image: Cook County Sheriff's Department intake photos of Meadows (left) and Tucker.
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