Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DING DONGS: Tracked Down By Victim's Pinging Phone, Robbery Charges Are Filed Against Two Felons

Two convicted felons are charged with robbing a Lakeview man near Racine and Roscoe early Saturday morning. A third suspect remains at large.

Charged now with robbery are Titus Meadows, who previously received a 4-year sentence for an aggravated robbery in 2010, and Joshua Tucker, who did time for burglary. They are both free on electronic monitoring.

Tucker, of the South Shore neighborhood, is 22. Meadows, of South Chicago, turns 23 on Thursday.

Police say they arrested the two men after following the victim's cell phone pings to a back yard near Halsted and Newport in Boystown.

Image: Cook County Sheriff's Department intake photos of Meadows (left) and Tucker.
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  1. I want to understand how we can speak out or TO these judges who let these criminals out after several arrests on probation or other non-teaching-them-a-lesson consequences. This is ridiculous. The Chicago method of re-electing judges is nearly as, if not more, stupid as the method of re-electing Alder-dummies. I will look into how to contact the judges - but judges like Judge Luckman has been horrible for a TON OF YEARS and letting criminals go, to head back into our neighborhood and BEAT AND ROB us. We can't vote them out yet, or ever knowing Chicago, but let's try to fight for our goddamn safety.

  2. Out on monitoring. Sure. That seems perfectly reasonable. Who's the judge??

  3. Maybe a sub forum to this one should be; Who Let the Criminal Out and follow each judges sentence.

    These two started so young this is all they know, they will likely be in and out of the system till they are old and grey. How much will that cost the taxpayers over their life time? Be interesting to know what kind of start they had. Maybe start charging the parents as well as the juveniles, the parents might then be more interested in what their kids were doing.

  4. 22 and 23. Both already served time. Both convicted felons.
    Just great.
    Shall I go out on a limb and predict that we'll all be paying for (both of) these characters, likely for as long as they're on this earth.