Saturday, August 15, 2015

BAD SPORT: Shoplifter Pulls Knife, Faces Robbery Charges

Robbery charges are pending today after a man allegedly threatened workers with a knife during a shoplifting attempt Friday evening at Sports Authority, 3134 N. Clark.

Police searched the area for the suspect—described as a black man in his 40’s, 190 pounds, wearing a black baseball cap with white "sparkles" and khaki cargo shorts.

They soon found him—walking out of the Yummy Yummy Chinese restaurant near Broadway and Surf. He was taken into custody moments later. (CPD case HY382606)


  1. Another Busy Saturday night and down cars, one man cars and No traffic cars up ???
    Same officers taking off the weekend yet again. Bosses letting this continue to happen.
    Be Safe, back each other up.................

  2. Sincere thanks to CPD for nabbing this criminal. Now if only the judge will ensure he spends plenty of time in prison. He is obviously a threat to civilized society and does not deserve the right to walk around loose. If I were a judge, anyone who pulled a knife on employees of a store would be going away for a very, very long time.

  3. The only way to get in serious trouble in Chicago is to get caught robbing a bank.