Saturday, August 29, 2015

BAD RAPP: Bartender Follows Alleged Phone Thief Until Cops Arrive

A convicted arsonist and burglar is now accused of stealing a woman's phone from a Boystown bar, court records show.

Robert Rapp, 54, is charged with one count of theft of lost or mislaid property in connection with the August 15 incident at Town Hall Pub.

According to a witness, a bartender followed Rapp out of the bar and east on Roscoe Street until police were able to catch up with them and make an arrest.

Cops say they found the victim's iPhone in Rapp's possession--a circumstance that Rapp was allegedly unable to explain to the officers' satisfaction.

Last month, Rapp was accused of punching an employee of the Chipotle at Diversey and Broadway. Those charges were dropped when the victim failed to show up in court.

Rapp, who lists a home address in the 500 block of Wellington, was paroled last December after serving two years of an attempt burglary sentence.

His previous convictions include a 30-month sentence for theft in 2010, a one year sentence for shoplifting in 2009, and 11 years for aggravated arson and residential arson in 2001.

Image: Robert Rapp's intake photo from the Illinois Department of Corrections
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  1. 54 years old...I bet his mother would be so proud of him.
    Also ... "mislaid" property cracks me up every time I read about it. It reminds me of those thugs who took several people's "mislaid" catalytic converters awhile back.

    1. Yeah, I guess a bottle of Grey Goose a bartender left on the counter while grabbing a glass is "mislaid" as it's not on the shelf right? And what about those tips they leave on the bar when busy?

    2. Isn't the 500 block of Wellington the Gay church?

  2. Maybe his mother can be proud of him living in a fairly nice part of town. That being said, I don't know the area well enough to know if there is some group home in that block. Also if he's living in one of those barebones post college rental buildings at 54, maybe it's not as great of an accomplishment.

  3. I legit bought a bike from him for $40.

    1. You legit bought a stolen bike.

  4. Fuck this guy. He's been booked 4 times at a shop I own for trespassing and other small charges. The reason he got thrown out in the first place was because he BOUGHT a dog out of the back of a windowless van over on Oakdale Av. and proceeded to choke it/beat it outside of my business. He sure got a lot of negative attention that day!

    Be careful, the cops and justice system don't do much with scum like this guy. He'll be back on the streets in no time!