Monday, August 03, 2015

AND YOU GET A ROBBERY! AND YOU GET A ROBBERY!: Home Invasion, Robberies Fill Hot Weekend

At least four robberies were reported this weekend in the immediate neighborhood as a late-blooming summer crime spree continues.

And, despite a local alderman's promise that "increased resources" would be dedicated to police efforts in our area, the 19th district ran completely out of cops for more than two hours during the crime-laden overnight hours on Saturday and for another two hours on Sunday, too.

When the district runs out of cops, a call-for-help waiting list is formed and requests for service are dispatched when an officer returns to service.

The List

Two robberies, including one apparent home invasion, were reported within 20 minutes on Sunday morning.

• A fire department ambulance crew reported seeing a robbery in progress as they passed the 3700 block of Clifton around 2:15AM. Police responded and found a victim who said they woke up to find two offenders inside of their home. The offenders reportedly ran out of the home, robbed another resident on the porch, and fled southbound on Clifton.

Offender descriptions:
1) Male, black, about 6'2" tall, red t-shirt.
2) Male, black, 5'6" tall, wearing glasses.
• Minutes later, another victim reported being robbed in the 3200 block of Wilton, near the Belmont Red Line station. This victim told police that they had been beaten up and robbed by three men. The offender descriptions offered are:
1) Male, black. dreads, 6'1" tall, wearing a tank top with black and white stripes.
2) Male, black, 5'10" tall, buzz cut, wearing a gray shirt
3) Male, black, 5'10" tall
• Just 24 hours earlier, a suspect in another incident was arrested steps from the Wilton robbery scene. Around 4:20AM on Saturday, a victim chased after an offender who allegedly went through his pockets and took a phone and ID while on the Belmont CTA platform. Police took the suspect into custody the 3200 block of Wilton.

• Friday, a concerned mother called the 19th district station desk at 11:30PM to report that her daughter had been robbed as she walked to her Boystown home from the Belmont CTA station. A robbery report was filed.

Officers were unable to contact the daughter when they went to her home in the 400 block of Aldine. It is not yet known if a report was filed.

• Most recently, a Boystown man called police at 3:50 this morning to report being beat up and robbed of his iPhone and laptop in the 3200 block of Sheffield. Initial indications are that this incident may be domestic in nature. (Case HY366786)
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  1. When are people going wake up and see the crime in East Lakeview is really worse than they want to think. It has never been this bad in the last 20 years.

    1. Yeah it has -- we simply didn't have 24 hour news and crime blogs to keep us informed.

  2. I am not blaming victims at all however I am curious as to who in the world is out walking at these hours? What is any draw to do so?

    1. Actually, you are blaming the victim. But here are a few things that people do at "that hour":
      - Work
      - Go to work
      - Come home from work
      - Run to the store for cold medicine
      - Have a drink with friends
      - Return from the airport
      - Walk from a cab to their front door

      We always wonder when people ask what victims are doing up "at that hour"—exactly what time is an OK hour to be on the street in our neighborhood?

      When we were growing up, we always talked about neighborhoods where you shouldn't be on the street at night. Apparently, some people believe that status is OK for our area.

    2. ...Oh! People go outside for a smoke at that hour. They also grab things from their cars. And take their whining dogs out.

    3. Thanks CWB. I could not express it better. We should be able to step outside of our homes at anytime we damn well please without fear of being beaten and/or robbed.

    4. Anyone who asks a stupid question like "who in the world is out walking at these hours?" is very clueless.

  3. Since I live on the 3700 block of Clifton, this entry is of major interest to me. Please clarify.. someone was sitting on the porch at 2:15am of the residence that suffered a home invasion and was robbed by the invaders as they exited/were chased from the invaded residence at the moment that an ambulance was passing by? ..or do I have dyslexia?

    1. The article does not state that anyone was sitting on the porch. It says that another resident was robbed on the porch.

  4. Rahm sez crime is down..........and I know he would not lie to me.