Thursday, July 02, 2015

WRIGLEYVILLE: Woman Punched In The Head During Wednesday Mugging; Lincoln Park Man Beaten & Robbed, Too

A woman was punched in the head and robbed in Wrigleyville late Wednesday night. Earlier, a man was beaten up and robbed in Lincoln Park. No one is in custody.

Just before midnight in Wrigleyville, a woman told police that an unknown man punched her in the head and took her Galaxy phone as she walked in the 1200 block of Byron. She proceeded to chase the mugger for a distance, but was unable to detain him.

The offender, last seen running northbound on Clark, is described a black man with light-colored skin, about 5’8” tall. He has dreadlocks and wore a hat and a baggy shirt.

In the Lincoln Park mugging, a woman called 911 after her husband was beaten up and robbed in front of their home in the 2700 block of Mildred around 11PM. The victim was treated by a fire department ambulance team.

The offender, described only as a Native American in jeans, took the man’s wallet and phone before running away.
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  1. So I guess Chicago' the new South Africa when it comes to violent crime.
    * You can expect to get beaten and robbed nearly everywhere. (just like in South Africa)
    * It can take the police 20-30 minutes to answer calls. (or up to 2-4 hours in South Africa)
    * The police reporting is manipulated to make crime's appear milder than what actually occurred (just like in South Africa)
    * Government workers placate the public with poor rationale like "well, crime is statistically lower here than it is in Englewood" (just like govt cronies do in South Africa)
    * The public grows distrustful of the police - or else the police don't show up fast enough - so fewer people report crimes.

    So what's next ? SuperMax Prison fences around everyone's homes ?

  2. I am guessing the perpetrator was not native american...