Monday, July 13, 2015

WILD TURKEYS: Clerk Pushed To Ground In Liquor Store Heist

A Lakeview liquor store clerk was pushed to the ground by three teenagers who proceeded to steal booze on bustling Diversey Parkway yesterday afternoon.

Police were called to Eastgate Liquors at Diversey and Pine Grove at 1:50PM Sunday after the clerk called for help. He reported that the three offenders drove off in a white minivan. Officers determined that the van had been stolen on Saturday from the South Side.

Suspect descriptions:
1) male, black, 6'2" tall, 16-20 years old, long braids, white boonie hat, t-shirt.
2) male, black, 16 or 17 years old, medium complexion. "This one did the pushing," according to the clerk.
3) male, black, 16-20 years old, wearing a white t-shirt with "RIP Bobby" and a picture of "Bobby" airbrushed on the front side.
Late Saturday night, two black men allegedly implied that they had a weapon when they stole booze from Leland Liquors, near the Western Brown Line station. No arrests were made.
Image: Google
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  1. It's getting closer, Closer and CLOSER ! 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon, there should have been dozens of people on the sidewalk.

  2. These are just "crimes of survival".

  3. Pretty bold....1:50 in the afternoon and the thugs come on in and take what they want. We'll probably see more and more of this sort of BS behavior since there are rarely any consequences for their actions. Not to mention the severely understaffed police level in our area.

    I used to be that you'd walk along a busy strip like Diversey, and you'd see cops all the time. Not anymore.

  4. What better way to remember "Bobby" than to knock over a liquor store in his name?

    Hope they stole some malt liquor to pour on the street in his name.