Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WANTED: Cops Seek Known Suspect In Tuesday Arson

UPDATE: Arson investigators took a suspect into custody at the Center On Halsted Wednesday afternoon.
CWB has confirmed that Chicago police are seeking a known suspect for questioning in at least one arson fire near the Belmont Red Line station.

Investigators are looking into a fire that they believe was intentionally set in a dumpster behind condo buildings at 3221 N. Sheffield at 3:45 yesterday morning (Seen here in first photo).

Surveillance footage has allowed officers to identify a suspect who is known to cops in the 19th district.

He is described as a black man, about 25-year-old with a distinctive high-cut Afro. He was last seen panhandling this morning near School and Sheffield—less than a block from the suspect fire. He was wearing a blue denim vest over a tie dye shirt, faded blue jeans, and gray gym shoes.

Yesterday afternoon, a witness reported "a flower pot or something" on fire behind a building in the 800 block of Addison. It was quickly extinguished.

And a CWB Chicago reader this week submitted photos of a trash receptacle that he found burned out near a home in the 800 block of Fletcher. (Seen in second photo.)

Early on June 25, a surveillance camera captured images of two men setting a trash can on fire in the 3000 block of Sheffield. That fire spread to two nearby coach houses. All of the occupants escaped, but their homes were heavily damaged.

It is not yet known if there is any connection to the man currently being sought.

North Center Smolders

Meanwhile, two sets of suspicious fires in the North Center neighborhood are raising some eyebrows.

On Monday, two trash fires were reported in alleys at Claremont and Belle Plaine and in the 2400 block of Warner between 5:30 and 6PM.

In the same neighborhood last Thursday, a rubbish fire was reported in the 3900 block of Oakley at 3:35PM followed 20 minutes later by a garbage can fire in the 2000 block of Warner.
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  1. I saw a burned-out plastic garbage bin in an alley off of Beldon, just west of Lincoln Avenue. I noticed this on Sunday afternoon, but it could have happened before then since I don't live in the area. Anyone know anything about this??

  2. A man fitting that description was on the stoop of the real estate business directly across from Sheffield's Bar this morning as of 8:20 AM. He had a dog with him. It appeared he slept there overnight.

  3. I've been reading some of these mugging reports and I just wonder about the assailants. Obviously they're working in pairs, they're black young men, and they're robbing phones? I thought that phone theft had decreased. What's the value in robbing someone of their phone?

    1. Not quite, Lianna.

      The groups have been reported as pairs, trios, and a group of four.

      The assailants have been described as various mixes of young black men, a white woman, and a black woman.

      The victims have lost phones, money, watches, and other valuables. Multiple victims have stated that the attackers demanded everything of value.

    2. ...of course, not all of the victims have been fortunate enough to be conscious at the time of the loss of their valuables.

    3. "...of course, not all of the victims have been fortunate enough to be conscious at the time of the loss of their valuables."

      This is so terrifying to me. There is no way in hell that anyone has a chance to defend themselves against a pack of wolverines, like this. The violence continues to escalate and there seems to be no relief in sight.

      On another thread, several people recommended different brands/types of pepper spray and/or mace. I'm not sure which thread that was on, so all of you who have knowledge of these products, please recommend which brands/types you would recommend and where it can be purchased.

      I hate feeling afraid in my own neighborhood. Why are the powers that be allowing our neighborhood to be over run with violent criminals??? I find it hard to believe that our "leaders" think it's OK to let the violence spread from the "bad" neighborhoods into the "good" neighborhoods. If they run out all of their tax base, there will be no one to collect taxes from. I don't get it.

  4. We've had a blue recycling trash can go up in flames behind our alley on Wolfram and Sheffield this past weekend. Luckily one of the neighbors spotted it and moved it away from the house before the fire department put it out.

    I can't imagine it was anything but arson; no one is dumb enough to put anything remotely hot into those recycling bins.

    1. You are probably correct, but I had a fire in a garbage can once caused by spontaneous combustion. A painter had left rags soaked with paint thinner in the can and closed the lid. On a hot day/night that can cause a fire.

  5. It's interesting that this fire was behind Tunney's ward office and sooner than not the crime is solved by the CPD. But they cn't solve all the other fires in the neighborhood? Did this one get a full court press the others didn't?

  6. Oh he was a CoH customer; real shocker there.

    1. I don't think it's fair to blame the CoH for this. So let's focus on Eric Howard, the person actually responsible for willingly and knowingly setting those fires. Let’s not blame a community center that offers programs and services for people in need.

    2. Lololololololo...Ummm...haven't they had like 600 arrests since they opened. I assume you are under their gainful employment.

    3. It is perfectly reasonable to blame an organization that attracts, supports, and harbors violent criminals that beat, rob, and literally torch our neighborhood.

  7. The good old Center on Halsted! LOLOLOLOL.