Saturday, July 25, 2015

TWO STABBED: Man, Teen Get Knifed On Recreation Drive

Golfers teeing off at Marovitz Golf Course are unaware of the gang tag war that lies steps away.
A man and a teenage boy were stabbed Friday night near the Sydney Marovitz Golf Course at 3600 N. Recreation Drive.

Both victims walked into Illinois Masonic Medical Center to seek treatment at 11:15PM.

The 16-year-old was stabbed in the back and his 23-year-old companion was stabbed in the right abdomen and right hand. Both of their conditions have been stabilized.

The victims, who are Hispanic, described the offenders only as Hispanic men.

As CWB Chicago has reported frequently, the lakefront area around the Rec Drive tennis courts, baseball fields, and seawall is a popular late night hang out for gang members. Gang tags at the nearby seawall detail an active rivalry between Hispanic gangs.

CWB reported more than a dozen gang tags at the lakefront to the city on July 20th. Streets and Sanitation closed out all of our requests for removal the next day as "complete." None of the tags has been removed. More on that later.
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  1. The north side of the lake trail is getting mad shady. It needs more light. I don't dare go over there after the sun goes down. Plus I think parking needs to be shut down after a certain time. I could be wrong but at least over by the clock tower - that lot seems to be open all night and I see nothing but people smoking weed and having sexual relations in their cars. That's the least of my worries with the gang activity etc. over there but that whole broken windows theory thing comes into play...

  2. Now, how could the city "close out" requests for gang tag removal and they are still there? Hum . . . . .. Your tax dollars at work.

  3. Oh man I was walking along there last night with a group of friends, didn't see the incident but I definitely felt an uneasy feeling in my gut with some of the groups of people that were hanging out. On the other hand we also saw families and children out enjoying the evening along the lake.. as well as a number of bicycle police officers patrolling the park.

  4. Doesn't the park Close at a certain time?....How about the bike police give out tickets to everyone they run into...A couple of weeks of that might slow the party down