Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TUNNEY STAFFER: Moving Pride Parade Is More About "When" Than "If"; Alternate Plans Echo CWB's June Report

City departments are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the results of this year's Pride Parade and a meeting of Alderman Tom Tunney's "community stakeholders" committee is scheduled to meet for a similar after-action review on July 21.

A Chicago police officer keeps his Taser at the ready while attempting
to clear the 800 block of Belmont hours after the 2015 Pride Parade. 
While Tunney has publicly stated that no decision has been made about where next year's Pride Parade will be held, his director of outreach last night told a community group that "It's more of a when it will move" than "if."

While stressing that a lot of feedback still needs to be received and digested, Erin Duffy's other comments about future possibilities sounded familiar to CWB readers in the audience at the South East Lake View Neighbors' monthly meeting.

As CWB reported exclusively on June 1, multiple city sources told us that there was never any serious discussion about moving the parade in 2015. But 2016 was a different story. We reported:

One of many brawls that broke out following the 2015 parade.
• City officials had come to consider the parade and after-party mayhem to be a "public safety issue" that needs to be addressed.

• If the parade is moved in 2016, the city would ask the Northalsted Business Alliance to move its popular Pride Fest street party to the same weekend as the parade.

So, it was a blast of deja vu in the seats at Second Unitarian Church last night when Duffy casually mentioned that "public safety is why [the parade] would move. Can we handle it anymore?"

"Pride Fest would be right after the parade," Duffy said, should the parade move.

But, Duffy insisted, a decision has yet to be made. The feedback received at the alderman's office so far has been that this year's parade was "better managed," she said.

Responding to a request from an audience member, Duffy agreed that the results of this week's city department meeting—including the police department's statistics—would be distributed in Tunney's weekly newsletter. Notes from the "stakeholders committee" will be similarly distributed, she said.

CWB has been in touch with several sources since the parade and none of them expects any city department to recommend keeping the parade in Boystown next year.

Another thing that none of them expects? For Boystown to ever host a parade and a street festival on the same day as some media outlets have been suggesting this summer.

"That's a logistical impossibility." Said one, with another adding, "someone got their wires crossed."
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  1. Who is on this "stakeholder's committee?" How were they chosen? Do they meet regularly? Why is this so secretive? What is the ratio of bar owners to residents (tax paying constituents) on this "stakeholder's committee?" Why does Tunney's "spokesperson" pointedly and repeatedly refuse to answer these questions?

    1. Now you know the alderpuss isn't about to release that type of information. Too revealing! Too damning!!

    2. Exactly. "Stakeholder's committee"? Never heard of it. Oh, that's right - it's the North Halsted Business Alliance.
      Stakeholder's committee = North Halsted Business Alliance = BAR OWNERS.

  2. Who cares. The entire concept of the parade had been ruined for years. It's not just that community, but now a free for all for hoodlums, drug dealers, and other to crash the event. It's over crowded. It's not comfortable. It's not safe. The CPD cannot handle it obviously. And honestly, the people who do go have to put up with all the stupidity and violence that now comes hand in hand with the parade. I once enjoyed going. Now, you can't convince me to. Il watch it on the channel 7 recap. And I do have to say that what the hell is wrong with our community? What a way to represent. A little embarrassed by how people feel they need to act at these things.

    1. Thank you for saying this.
      The 'Pride' Parade is a mis-named embarrassment to the very community it purports to represent.
      It'd be great if the real LGBT community would ride herd over this mess - smack down the bums who put on this shit show, take over the thing, work with the cops, and make it damn clear that the event is going to be about REAL pride. If you want to be a asshat, you will be handed over to the authorities.

    2. FWIW, the alderman's staffer mentioned off-the-cuff that parade permits are first come, first served. She added something to the effect of "no one has ever tried to take the parade over" by filing first.

      Any takers?

    3. Wow!
      (That is my post above, about the Real LGBT community taking over the parade.)
      You guys at CWB are so impressive. You've got the real info, the important info, right at hand. Every time.
      Astonishing, really.
      Again, thank you.

    4. Of course they would deny anyone's permit unless your the guy that has been doing it for years or require you to spend so much money for security etc. This City is so corrupt.

    5. Yeah, years ago it was less crazy. Crazy, but fun. I felt like I was a part of it, like I belonged there. This year I got sort of close to it and then turned around and went home. I wouldn't care if it was cancelled entirely because it's not what it once was.

    6. All the bars have already sold out to anything that has a $20 bill hanging out of their mouth. A Friday or Saturday night visit to any of those places would make you question where you were if you didn't see the rainbow pillars first.

      The parade and entire area no longer has anything to do with gay anymore other than $ and patronization. They even took Gay out of the name of the parade. Most yelp reviewers of any of those establisments for the past 8 years have been 21-25 year old straight females. Every gay male I've known in this city, no matter their age, has a slew of straight female followers and fans on their FB page. Being gay is really odd here these days. Gays don't even talk to each other anymore. Maybe that's part of the problem?

  3. This is a crock. That stupid lame parade will occur in Boystown again next year, there will be mass drunkeness and idiocy, and the shenanigans after the parade all up and down Halsted will occur again, and nobody cares and nobody will do a damn thing about it, MOST OF ALL Tunney. It's just mind-boggling how he (and others, such as Rahm and the bar owners) can lie and get away with it. This is all nothing but smoke and mirrors.

    1. Unfortunately, I think you're right. Let's not get too excited about something a Tunney staffer said off the record. Talk is cheap.

    2. She wasn't off the record. She was standing in front of the group speaking into a microphone that was being recorded.

  4. Did anyone see this today or know about it? It's news to me and about time consequences get enforced.


  5. So AlderTOM was NOT there?

    Wondered about this "results of this week's city department meeting—including the police department's statistics—would be distributed in Tunney's weekly newsletter."

    NO discussion about the general crime misery and inadequate force?

    This is very strange .. heard any detailed info?

    Children, 4 and 5, found alone in Lakeview alley

    Thanks a million, CWB, for your diligence ... you're indispensable!

  6. I can't imagine that there is even one resident who doesn't also own a business who serves on that committee.

  7. I say we start our own parade themed Take Back The Roaring Gay 80's (when we didn't have to put up with all this shit).

  8. I have lived in the community since 1968 and never once have I talked to anyone on the "committee". Hum . . . ? They must be the staffers in the alderpersons office with the strings on their arms, feet and head.

  9. The delightful woman in the photo with the fake red hair seems to be the same as the women arrested for taking selfies holding a gun in the Walgreens parking lot recently. Could there be two women with that same hair??

  10. Move the parade out of Lakeview. Something has to be tried in order to stem the insanity.

    Nearly 100 off duty cops did NOTHING to impact the melee that ensued after the parade or to effect crowd control during the parade.

    Doing the same thing over and over...something, something...insanity.

    1. There certainly was no observable impact on reducing public drinking and violation of open container laws. I also saw many people waaaay under the age of 21 drinking openly. The parade just needs to dissolve, and those 100 off duty police officers could then staff Boystown in the evening and reduce or eliminate the abhorrent thug/thuggette element that invades the neighborhood every year around 10pm. There is NO EXCUSE for a city like Chicago to permit this behavior to happen for several hours through the night.

  11. I'm thinking that moving the parade downtown will do nothing to solve the problem. I don't think the drunken messes and thugs that go there now even care about the parade - in fact, there really aren't many floats even worth seeing. It's all politicians and other stuff that nobody cares about. So while you'd have a parade going on downtown, Boystown would still be packed with people at the bars and raising hell. And unfortunately the politicians have no balls to rid the community of the clowns that ruin the day, so it all gets back to nothing changing.