Friday, July 10, 2015

TOO-DA-LOO: 7 Year Sentence For Breaking Into Car At Rahm Security HQ; Local Robbers Smacked With 21-Year Terms

A couple of Cook County judges handed down stiff sentences for defendants in two cases that we told you about in 2013 and 2014. And the woman who was arrested late last month for taking selfies with a handgun at Broadway and Belmont has reached a plea deal. The deets:

Baez (IDOC)
First up, the woman who was arrested after breaking into a police officer’s private car on the parking lot of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Lakeview security detail headquarters last year received a Class X felony upgrade and a whopping seven years in prison after pleading guilty to burglary and aggravated battery to a police officer this week.

Maria Baez, 33, was also accused of ramming her 230-pound frame into an officer who confronted her outside the headquarters, which is based out of an old firehouse near Byron and Hermitage. She has previous convictions for burglary and manufacture/delivery of cocaine.

Stone (IDOC)
Her co-defendant received two year’s probation when he pleaded guilty in January.

Baez is scheduled to be paroled on January 7, 2019.

Robbery Offenders Get 21 Years. Each.

Two men accused of robbing a victim at gunpoint near Belmont and Racine in September 2013 may be second-guessing their decisions to take their cases to trial.

After being found guilty this week, Jeryl Bowdery and Tyrone Stone each received sentences of 21 years in prison.

Bowdery (IDOC)
Stone, 27, was convicted of armed robbery and unlawful restraint.

Bowdery, 25, was found guilty of armed robbery, being a felon in possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon with a prior conviction, and unlawful restraint. Not that he's celebrating, but Bowdery was acquitted of unlawful use of a weapon in a vehicle.

He has been incarcerated twice previously for narcotics violations. His attorney has already filed a motion for a new trial.

Jones (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)

Selfie Control

The woman who was seen taking selfies with a handgun at Broadway and Belmont on a sunny June afternoon has pleaded guilty to a weapons charge.

Destiny Jones, 18, received a one year conditional discharge in exchange for her guilty plea on Wednesday.

She was arrested at 2PM on June 29 after a passer-by reported seeing her posing with a handgun in a Walgreens parking lot.
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  1. Good job, judge, for the first two dirtbags! Normally, they get a slap on the wrist, have their burglary tools destroyed, and are free to pillage again and again.

    The idiot with taking the gun selfie....we will hear more about her in the very near future.

    1. I would not bet against seeing a fresh, new mug shot of Ms. Selfie-pants on this blog again...

    2. It really does amaze me that "minor" gun offenses are treated so lightly. What analogy will get through to people? With all of the shootings in our city when you have an illegal gun arrest BEFORE a shooting take the person out for a few years every time. There is virtually no consequence to carrying an illegal gun in the city, and yet our elected leaders seem to scream about gun control the loudest. How about controlling the illegal gun holders when you catch them? not a bad first step.

    3. Good job, judge, for the first two dirtbags!

      DITTO and halllelujah!

      Kudos and appreciation to that judge .. would be good to know his name for future electiions. Wonder how long they'll actually be off the streets.

    4. "How about controlling the illegal gun holders when you catch them? not a bad first step."

      I could not agree more to your entire post. If there were real consequences to possessing an illegal gun, perhaps we wouldn't have so many shootings.

    5. I'm not so keen on mandatory jail for mere possession, unless there's another factor like committing a robbery, selling drugs, threatening someone, etc.

  2. Armed robbery should be a capital crime, often is for its victims.

  3. I think Destiny was posing with an unloaded pistol otherwise the Cops would have tagged her for having ammo without a foid card.

  4. about time they gave a stiff sentence.... should be life... that'd stop the scum