Wednesday, July 08, 2015

LAKEFRONT MELEE: Charges Filed Against Six, Gun Recovered

L to R: Amaya, Dominguez, Martinez, Smart (Cook Co. Sheriff's Dept)
Charges have been filed in a melee that broke out near the baseball fields at 3700 N. Recreation Drive. Police recovered a gun and tracked down a total of six suspects after the incident unfolded on the evening of June 27. According to court records:

• Elliott Smart, 24, of Humboldt Park is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal damage to property. Prosecutors say Smart pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at a woman's face and said, "I'm gonna shoot you up, bitch" following a verbal altercation with the woman's friends. Smart then fled, jumped on the hood of another woman's car and shattered its front window, police said. According to court records, Smart is a member of the Latin Lovers street gang.

• Jesus Amaya, 20, of the Austin neighborhood is charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon for allegedly possessing a loaded handgun.

• The woman who was threatened with a handgun was also beaten up in the incident, police said. Charged with simple battery are Blanca Solorzano, 24, of Cicero; Uriel Dominguez, 21, of Logan Square; and Jovanny Martinez, 21, of Humboldt Park. Court records state that Martinez is a member of the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang.

• Martin Jimenez is charged with battery and marijuana possession.
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  1. Wow. Do these guys have records? I thought it is illegal for a criminal to have a gun. I thought no one can have a gun in a Chicago park. Well, I guess it is only the criminals who have guns in the gun free zones...

  2. Same reason extreme gun control is joke. Criminals don't care about laws and aren't going to get gun legally. Guns will always be available illegally no matter what. Supply and demand. How has the war on drugs worked? Politicians scream gun control because they don't want have the ugly talk about the real problem with people getting shot.

  3. They don't even live around here! Amazing how far across the city news of the limited police presence spreads

  4. wow, what time of the evening did this event occur? After 10 pm, the parks belong to the 'bangers. But before that, people should be relatively safe.....

  5. For all of the talk about guns why not throw the ones with illegal guns in jail for a long time. How is that for gun control Chicago! Sadly these will all be "prime" candidates for low bonds and probation/time served.

  6. The parks belong to the "bangers" 24/7. Have you been to the lake front lately? That 11 PM closing time is a joke.

    1. I hear you.

      It seems that bangers are above the law and can do anything they damn well please.

  7. Martinez couldn't be a maniac Latin Disciple. CPD Supt. McCarthy declared "war" on the back in 2011.