Monday, July 06, 2015

LAKEVIEW: Neighbors Blame Fireworks For Sunday Blaze

Image: Alex Graves via Southport Corridor News & Events
Two coach houses and at least two garages were damaged by fire Sunday afternoon along an alley between the 1500 blocks of Wellington and Nelson in nearby Lakeview. 

Investigators have yet to announce an official cause of the fire, but several neighbors reported that fireworks were set off in the alley shortly before the blaze was reported.

No one was injured, however at least 3 people have been displaced. The fire left about 90 nearby residents without electrical power Sunday afternoon.

Suspicious Fires

A suspicious fire broke out around 3:10AM Saturday in the 3200 block of Sheffield. The rubbish fire did not spread to any structures, police said.

On June 22, surveillance video caught two men apparently setting a trash can ablaze in an alley one block south of Saturday’s fire. Two coach houses sustained significant damage.

Earlier in June, an overnight fire consumed the rear porch at the old Leona’s restaurant about five doors down from Saturday’s incident.

• Over in Lincoln Park, a dumpster fire in the 900 block of Montana at 8:15PM on June 27 was classified as arson. Another dumpster fire was reported in the same alley on May 18.
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  1. When are people going to grow up and realize that fireworks and firecrackers done by amateurs are dangerous and disruptive. Anyone who lit them off or watched in the neighborhood streets, alleys and rooftops are selfish a-holes. Did you ever take one second to stop and realize how harmful it is to pets and others who are afraid of loud noises? Or property owners who have their homes burned down? Nope. You didn't. Because you're self centered and only think about yourselves. Oh, and you're breaking the law (but we all know that you can take advantage of our lack of cops). Please leave it to the professionals at organized events and think of others for just once in you're privileged lives.

    1. Bit harsh don't you think? I set off fireworks every year and I haven't burned down a house. An amateur I am but I'm very careful. And what makes my fireworks anymore disruptive to the dogs and people than what's going off already. Take a step back and take your anger and direct it elsewhere. Not everyone is irresponsible.

  2. You should see the mess all the people lighting off fireworks left on the seawall at Montrose. Way to go guys, all those spent shells are going right into the lake.

  3. I heard on the news about a "tragedy" in Maine, where a drunk guy was killed when he lit off a large firework from his head. The tragedy here is that someone was so stupid and/or drunk that they would try such a stunt.

    I've never understood the fascination with playing with fire & setting off fireworks. They are dangerous, plain and simple. Leave it to the pros.

    But some people are too stupid and will light them off anyway. I blame the companies that sell the stuff.

    1. Do you also blame automobile manufacturers for auto accidents...or do you blame the drunken, stupid drivers?
      Do you also blame oven manufacturers for kitchen fires...or do you blame careless, stupid oven users?
      Do you also blame gun violence on gun manufacturers...or do you blame criminal gun owners?
      If you do indeed blame automobile manufacturers for auto accidents and oven manufacturers for kitchen fires and gun manufacturers for gun violence and fireworks companies for fireworks accidents, then you should be running for office in Chicago, because you think just like all the local politicians.