Thursday, July 09, 2015

JUMPED: Bartender Mugged One Block From Police Station

A 32-year-old bartender was mugged early Wednesday, just one block from the 19th district police station.

“It was like watching wolves hunting a rabbit,” according to a witness who contacted CWB minutes after the 4:10AM robbery. “I just took my dog out and witnessed two 20-ish males mugging a dude. 900 block Cornelia.”

Indeed he did. The suspects—described as a pair of young, skinny, black men dressed in dark clothing—fled with the victim’s iPhone and wallet.

“My shouting ‘I’m calling the cops’ phased them not at all. They escaped north on Reta.”

The victim, who walked to the police station to file a report, told our reader that the offenders, “got everything of mine.”
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  1. Here is a suggestion, regular mandatory walks for a few blocks around the station for all working the desks inside 019. Lose some weight and stop the mayhem in your own backyard!!

  2. “My shouting ‘I’m calling the cops’ phased them not at all."

    This pretty much says it all. The thugs know that IF there is a police response, it will happen LONG after they are gone. Heck, they can probably rob 2 or 3 additional people before there is a cop available for the first victim. Truly sad.....

  3. Hmm those quotes look familiar~ish. I happen to know that the person who contacted you went to the police station yesterday at lunch to offer any assistance in the case that he could. The officers on duty said "they didn't know anything about it and would look into it..."

    They took down the witness's phone number and said they would call him today for a statement / description of the perps. He received no such phone call.

    1. No surprise. The "we'll look into it" is the "nothing we can do. sorry" in disguise

  4. Why haven't more Chicagoans got their concealed carry permits??