Thursday, July 02, 2015

FUNNY MONEY: "Construction Worker" With Fake $100s Strikes In Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village

A flurry of fake $100 bills has been popping up in small retail shops across the area and one man with a distinctive sense of fashion has struck at least five times.

Multiple victims have described him as a black man who wears a hard hat and yellow construction vest.

His most recent appearance came at 1 o’clock Sunday afternoon at a liquor store near Southport and Belmont. A witness reported that the man fled in a red Ford pickup truck.

Around 11:30AM on June 11, he donned the helmet and vest to pass a bogus Benjamin at the Milk & More convenience store across from Trader Joe’s on Diversey. After that incident, the man was further described as taller with a big build.

Back in April, the same man targeted a mom and pop flower shop in the 2700 block of Halsted, police say.

The next afternon, he hit two small shops in the 2000 block of Roscoe.

Related or not?

Around 6 o’clock last night, a couple tried to pass two fake $100 bills at a Starbucks and again at a nearby establishment. The duo is described as a black man in his 20’s wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans in the accompaniment of a black female in her 20’s.

It is not known if last night’s incident is related to the construction scammer.
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  1. I believe I may have seen this guy at the Walgreens on Halsted and Barry last month. The pharmacy tech called him out on the fake bill, the manager came, and the guy abruptly left the store before the police were called. It was a $100 too.

  2. WHEN are small shops / "mom and pop" shops going to start a policy of not accepting $100 bills? That would be so easy. When will they learn?

  3. This guy has been trying this for months now. Usually has on the yellow vest. Tried in Uptown several times.

  4. These fake bills are everywhere. Some of them are pretty damn good too. Laser printer jobs.

  5. You have security cameras. You have cell phone cameras.

    Why aren't there posters of this guy up in every business?

    You might not catch him, but you can at least chase him out of the area.

  6. I've noticed the trend in beggars and robbers wearing construction vests in the last 18 months, once such guy told me he was "collecting signatures".
    At two in the morning no less.